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  Topic: 0123 - "Daniel's Missing!" [01/27/07]

Replies: 293
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PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:05 pm   Subject: 0123 - "Daniel's Missing!" [01/27/07]
So wait, Daniel is in Iraq? Just kidding. How lame.

Anyway, so I guess there are four options...

1. Daniel is passed out somewhere (hopefully with a girl!)
2. Daniel left Bree because he is sic ...
  Topic: Geocache resolution

Replies: 10
Views: 2240

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:09 am   Subject: Geocache resolution
Thank you. I love OpAphid but I also geocache so I appreciate you taking the extra time to do that.
  Topic: 0098 "Cheer Me Up" [12/14/06]

Replies: 195
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PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:06 pm   Subject: 0098 "Cheer Me Up" [12/14/06]
Eh..she seemed totally staged and fake. I understand the idea of two camera crews outside of the breeniverse, but inside, wouldn't it make sense for the two of them to appear in a video together.

S ...
  Topic: 0095 "Back Home" (12/11/06)

Replies: 231
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PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:31 pm   Subject: 0095 "Back Home" (12/11/06)
Eh. Seems fishy to me. Something is going on with the Daniel.

I understand being burnt out and all.

But if he was that concerned about her that he snuck out to the ceremony, BROKE INTO Lucy's ap ...
  Topic: [VIDEO]OpAphid - "Home Alone"

Replies: 67
Views: 11188

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:28 am   Subject: [VIDEO]OpAphid - "Home Alone"
Great video. At first I thought the noise was an alarm, as in suggesting someone had gone to one of the two houses. But I didn't notice the clock ticking prior to that.

Replies: 29
Views: 5423

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:11 pm   Subject: THE I IN APHID = INFILTRATE
No page left unturned? Does that mean the book has more significance than originally thought?
  Topic: [DROP] 11/26/06 Phoenix Theater Petaluma, CA

Replies: 94
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PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:31 pm   Subject: [DROP] 11/26/06 Phoenix Theater Petaluma, CA
The numbers on the postcard are:

20, 27, 49, 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 78, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, 6f, 2c, 2e
  Topic: [VIDEO][DROP] 11-26 TACHYON "Mysteries of my past"

Replies: 120
Views: 17849

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 6:57 pm   Subject: [VIDEO][DROP] 11-26 TACHYON "Mysteries of my past"
There are several places in the video where locations are repeated, the theatre/venue and the garage are two main ones.

The locations are:

Theatre from a distance (washington street)
alley (sho ...
  Topic: Silent Treatment [11/21/06]

Replies: 125
Views: 17842

PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:26 pm   Subject: Silent Treatment [11/21/06]
What was the OpAphid-related comment?

As far as I understand it, there is a voice mail from brother that mentions "him" which I assume here is Daniel, taking classes at the "JC" ...
  Topic: Silent Treatment [11/21/06]

Replies: 125
Views: 17842

PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:01 pm   Subject: Silent Treatment [11/21/06]
And I'm still figuring out this whole OpAphid thing, but isn't this video tied into the "Brother" voice mail? Was this simply a way of stating that Brother is canon too?

And I agree with ...
  Topic: How will the game change?

Replies: 65
Views: 9039

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 12:25 pm   Subject: How will the game change?
Not so. Most of us are from the CiW group and we are mostly adults. We feel so warm and welcomed, btw. :sic:

Seriously. I don't know why the assumption is that if you have not been following OpAphi ...
  Topic: OpAphid FAQ/Q&A Thread [READ THIS FIRST!]

Replies: 43
Views: 16657

PostForum: OpAphid: Archive   Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:40 pm   Subject: OpAphid FAQ/Q&A Thread [READ THIS FIRST!]
How can we get to the IRC chat?
  Topic: Episode 0079 Survival Skills [11/20/06]

Replies: 200
Views: 23369

PostForum: The Videos   Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:28 pm   Subject: Episode 0079 Survival Skills [11/20/06]
Darn it. I keep trying to read up on the OpAphid stuff and get lost. I've read the dang LGpedia.

Well, I hope they do a "OpAphid for Dummies"

I liked it better when Cassie was scaring ...
  Topic: cassieiswatching TEE SHIRTS!!

Replies: 18
Views: 3526

PostForum: FanFic Archive   Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:28 pm   Subject: cassieiswatching TEE SHIRTS!!
I had one up on cafepress but nobody bought it.

It said:

I spend hours talking to strangers about people who do not exist.
  Topic: [Update] CanYouHearHer Blog (10/02/06)

Replies: 710
Views: 96510

PostForum: FanFic Archive   Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:23 pm   Subject: [Update] CanYouHearHer Blog (10/02/06)
I wonder if Cassie is going to be exorcised. She wants us to help her, not Bree.
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