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Sarah, I'm disapointed. =(
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 10:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

EricaCrowley wrote:

Let try to be realistic here. We all know what Jonas looks like. He may behave like an out of control freak but heís hot. Even Gemma is completely in love with him (and Iím not sure why), despite the fact that his personality consists of a mix of steroid rages and hippy like letís all get in touch with our feelings crap. I can guarantee you that Jonas has already slept with more girl than DannyB ever will.

However, I will admit that DannyB hit the jackpot with Sarah and if heís smart heíll do everything he can hold on to her because heíll never do better.

But back to Jonas, I think he may have gone through a dry spell after he stopped partying like a mad man and Bree was likely the first girl he has slept with in a long time. I also think that he has real feelings for her which means it must be awful for him that she ran away like she did. However I donít think she used him for sex, she just preferred to be back with her family and friends. If Jonas simply gave up his fight against the Order then I see no reason why they couldnít be together.


In his e-mail to Taylor he said that Sarah had no right to tell people that Bree was his 1st.. The way it is worded, either means it was his 1st and he doesn't think Sarah should be the one to go tell everyone.. Or it wasn't his first and it bothers him that Sarah would tell anyone that.. lol

But for me it being his 1st would be a complete surprise.. I mean even if he didn't look all that good, with all the money he has girls would be all over him.. I know how that is, all my friends have money, some of them don't look good but they drive flashy cars and show they have money.. And girls are all over them.. So I didn't think that Bree was his 1st just because, well only 2 of my friends are virgins and they are 18, all my friends range from 16-20, and lost their virginity 2-4 years ago.. It's a pretty common thing to have sex before you are 18.. Jonas is 19, rich, and looks good.. Really hard to believe Bree is his 1st
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Don`t forget, Jonas is a little shy with girls... And actually, even great-looking guys can have such a problem.

I even know quite a good-looking guy who has been 27 when he had his first time... I mean, he wasn`t that rich but he was just a little shy with the girls and that was his problem.

Anyway, I believe, you Sarah, only tried to help, but in a very clumsy way. You are still very young in mind, much younger than Jonas or Daniel - Jonas always had to take care of himself ever since he was 16, remember, and he said he was some kind of a loner... There are even good-looking guys who are.

And besides, in the deceivice years of late teenagehood, he didn`t have a father to talk to... That might also be a bit a problem when it comes to the aspect of girls.

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