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I have a theory a very odd one but it one none the less.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:55 pm    Post subject: I have a theory a very odd one but it one none the less. Reply with quote

it's going to be a long post if you have time then go ahead and read it

With all this talk about mitochondrial DNA, with an Egyptian background, The Order of Denderah, the Crowley "thelema" and all other stuff LG15 has brought out. one question I started asking all the stuff we have learned and came to find out has to have some sort of connection

so i started digging around to see, anything about secret societies or the order that one might be unto. (assuming the creators are making the religion or the order comming from a beliveable background)

anyways my search had brought me to a book called
"ANNALS OF EARTH © 1995, 2003 Dan Sewell Ward"

here is a link if you like to read it

in any case it's a VERY long book (btw took me like a several hours to read) but let me give you the basic overview.

the book highlights one of the earliest known civilization in known history called the Sumerian. they were located in Mesopotamia of it's time, or today's suthern iraq. they where virtually the most evolve civilization of it's time. they created a very advance irrigation and agriculture system. They quickly established magnificent cities, advanced governing laws, and a written language. their language is the oldest sophisticated form of writing in existence, and dates from at least 6,000 years Before Current Era. they have writting in detail how the solar system was created how the planets were created (in detail btw), how they got their moons, how the astroid belt was formed, and more importatnly how mankind came to become what they are today. they Inventeda code morals (not laws) but code that was based on the morality of a human being. this was also adopted by the FREE Masons and Aleister Crowley as we all know.

every little information that i had read from that book

not the "in the beggining god created the heveans and earth" but rather, a a 3 chapter background of how the solar system was created.

what caught my mind is its explaination that current day homo-sapian was that it was created from a Modified DNA.

now this is the odd part. but the sumerian claim that their knoledge and wisdom came in fact from a god. but he wasn't the only one as there are many gods (plural) from the heavens. now the gods were not immortal all knowing supernatrual. but rather long lived, superintelegent, advance beings. a 450,000 years long lived super intelegent being. well anywas i digress, basicly they are extra-teristrails who came to the planet to mine precious metals & gold. the sumerians called them the Anunnaki.

we were created in their image. or let me reprhase. we were created with their spliced DNA.

why they came to mine, is a very intresting story i might add and is well worth the read. go to the link and find out yourself. you won't know why till almost the end of the book. but basicly creating a philosopher stone.

they created the all kinds of man to suit the work they required to work in the mines. they created neanderthal, homo erectus and our ancestor the cro magnum. one worked hard but learn way to slowly the other learned way too fast.

in either event. there is a power struggle among the gods and it's for the sake of mankind future. One god wants us to be destoryed and the other god wants us to advance as own race. basicly the Satan vs GOD complex. except it's Satan that's the good guy and GOD that's the Utterly Evil man. well either way these gods rule the earth in rotation and the good guy god is schedule to end his rule 2012 excatly on the end of mayan calinder.

anyways they live behind the scence and control our planet as rulers in a secret society they are known to be The Order. witch btw Gemma also explain in the video "Learning Egyptian". btw in it's defence. they are not KNOWN as the order but are known to be Order if that makes any sense.

there alot of information about Egypt and it's just WAy too much informaiton for me to drag out. i rather sumerized it to about like 3% of its entire story. it's filled FULL of facts with archilogical finds. Nasa Discoveries, Biblical Verses yup that's right the bible helps explain why aliens exist and why they are here in the world today. and how Noah escaped the flood, and why adam lived so freken long and and then some his kids with half the amount of his life. and why we are stuck with a mesealy 77 average years.

anways the book basicly gives more information about "Descent into the Underworld"


well anyways. about bree blood.

mitochondrial DNA (“mtDNA”) is the energy-eliciting compartments of the human cell -- it is the task of these microscopic components to extract energy from food molecules floating in the sappy cytoplasm outside the nucleus of the cell. The energy of mitochondria is then synthesized as the universal energy currency, ATP. Without these organelles, our biological processes would shut down. These mtDNA lie outside the nuclear DNA -- which is, in turn, responsible for the transmission of most physical characteristics. The DNA (“deoxyribonucleic acid”) in a cell’s mitochondria contains 37 genes (as compared to perhaps 100,000 genes in the cell’s nuclear DNA

The mtDNA is inherited only maternally, from the mother. It is thus passed intact from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter with virtually no input from males and thus no mixing, no blending of father’s and mother’s genes (mixing that could otherwise jumble, complicate, and thus obscure its history)

consider the reality that modern science can now fertilize the egg from a female with an egg from another female, and thereafter yield a daughter all without benefit of sperm, males, or foreplay! why women keep us men around, or for what possible use truly empowered women would have for men.

if bree is the by default the last known decendant. of our GREAT mother Eve she of all would have the closes DNA to the Order. and the order is out giving her SHOTS of iron and of other ores to modifly her blood or the DNA. im thinking that she is the vessel of the philosopher stone or Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements (orma). the ceramony is the process of it's activation. and if she is the only one that can do the ceramony it makes me believe that the "Good" God want to give bree the tree of knowledge (btw tree of knowledge = ORMA). because the "bad" god would no way in hell do something like this. so it makes me ponder why the order in the LG15 story is even bad at all. and maybe they have been the good guys the whole time and there are those who are part of the order that aren't good the ones that killed bree's dad and that isac gillman fellow.

-- just my Theory
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