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There's more you could be doing to find Bree...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:57 am    Post subject: There's more you could be doing to find Bree... Reply with quote

I know you and the Beast feel like you're out of options, except for Spencer, for finding Bree, but there's a lot of things you could be doing that I think you're overlooking.

I know you have the addresses of several properties owned by the Order and/or its members - Bree's house, Alex's house, the summer camp, etc. (Since we know the Order placed Bree with her 'parents', it's possible the Order owns the house and placed the 'family' there.)

Go to the County Assessor's Office Online and look up those addresses - see whose name each one is in. Then do another search using each of those names - see what other properties they own that ya'll don't know about. All of this is Public Record, freely accessible.

Go check those properties out, maybe you'll get lucky and find Bree, maybe you'll find more info about the Order, or maybe you'll find Alex.

Also, we know the Order/Hymn of One is trying to pass itself off as a religion, and here in the good ol' U-S-of-A that means one thing: no taxes.

But they have to register for that. Look up the registration forms - who signed them? Do we know who that person is? Can we track them down? Maybe they have multiple properties you could find from the County Assessor. Again - Public Records.

A third idea:
We've seen a number of cars driven by Order members - Lucy's car, Alex's car, the car that picked Alex up at the beach, the car that Bree got into - that's four just off the top of my head. See if you can pull their license plates off the video (maybe on the footage that got edited out?) and see who the cars are registered to, which will also tell you what other cars are registered to them AND where they live. This will lead you to, you guessed it, more property searches.

"Property," by the by, means "somewhere Bree could be."

Vehicle registrations aren't public record; but they ARE available to a broad range of people outside the DMV and police; unlike cell phone GPS information which is strictly guarded and available to VERY few people.

That means vehicle data is on accessible networks much more vulnerable to penetration than the telcomm, which means Taylor should have no problem getting this info if she can hack a telcomm.

I'm sure there would be a lot of dead-ends in those property searches, but for a couple hours of searching on the computer and the price of a tank of gas , it's worth trying.

At least it'd be something pro-active you could do, and surely, even if it didn't lead you directly to where Bree or Alex are, it should at least yield some kind of new info on the Order and/or its structure.

And if you're going to fight the Order, sooner or later you're going to need to know how it's organized.

Good luck to you,

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