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ARG Guide

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:55 pm    Post subject: ARG Guide Reply with quote

1. ARG INTRODUCTION by romanceismusic
2. ARG PUZZLE TOOLS by romanceismusic, giddeanx, Ziola, Bethy, QtheC, Lorien
3. mIRC INSTALLATION by shifty
4. ACTIVE IRC ROOMS by Danielle
5. DROP RULES by romanceismusic, Samara
6 CONCLUSION by Danielle

What is an ARG?
An alternate reality game (ARG) is a type of game that overlaps the game world with reality, by utilizing real world media, in order to deliver an interactive narrative experience to the players
(For more on ARG’s and what they are, please see the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_Reality_Game)

ARG Rules
1. Maintain the attitude that ‘this is not a game!’ ([url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_Reality_Game]
2. Work Together! Collaboration is the key to solving any puzzle!
3. Stay in character!

ARG Terminology
IG: In Game
OOG: Out Of Game
IC: In Character
OOC: Out Of Character
Puppet Master (PM): Person (people) behind the scenes.
Shill: someone in association with the pm, that plays as the biggest fan, etc.
Drop: A clue, dropped off, in which players find and share in order to move along the story

I decided to collect a few from our finest ARG players, please PM me with any other helpful ones that you may stumble upon.
romanceismusic wrote:
Anagram engine: (there are many)
Morse code:
Rotation Ciphers:
Vigenere Cipher:
Reverse text:
More Cipers (tons)
More Tools:
Internet Movie Database
giddeanx wrote:
Purple Hell : http://www.purplehell.com/riddletools/

For use with:

LANGUAGES Arabic, Braille, Cyrillic (Russian), European Voynich Alphabet (EVA), Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyph, Leet Speak (1337 5p34k), Maritime, Signal Flags, Ogham, Phonetic Alphabet, Runes, Semaphore, Sign Language (American), Sign Language (British), Theban (Wiccan), Alphabet, Webdings & Wingdings Character Chart, Alphabets, Anagram Helper (Manual), Anagram Generator, Crossword Solver, Latin Dictionary - Advanced, Latin Dictionary - Basic, Online Translator, Writing Systems

ARTS AND LITERATURE Dewey Decimal System, Dickensian Characters, Dickens' Works, Shakespearean Characters, Shakespeare's Works, ISBN Lookup

CODES AND CIPHERS Atbash Cipher (Roman Alphabet), Autokey Cipher, Baconian Cipher, Bifid Cipher, Caesar Box Cipher, Code128 (Barcode), Code39 (Barcode), Cryptogram Solver, Dancing Man Code, Keyword Cipher, Mary Queen of Scots Cipher, Morse Code, Navajo Code Talkers Dictionary, Pig Latin Translator, Pigpen Cipher, Playfair Cipher, Rail Fence Cipher, ROT (Caesars) Cipher, Vigenere Cipher, Enigma Decoder, Downloads, Barcode Reader,

CONVERSATION TOOLS Base 64 Encode/Decode, Binary ↔ Ascii, Decimal ↔ Ascii, Hex ↔ Ascii, Number ↔ Letter, Numeric Base Conversion, Octal ↔ Ascii, Qwerty ↔ Dvorak, Unit Conversion - Area, Unit Conversion - Length, Unit Conversion - Temperature, Unit Conversion - Time, Unit Conversion - Velocity, Unit Conversion - Volume, Unit Conversion - Weight, Geek Code Encode/Decode, MD5 Encode/Decode, Telephone Keypad Codes,

IMAGE MANIPULATION AND DOWNLOADS EXIF Reader, Hex Editor, Cellsea, Online Photo Editor, Downloads, Gimp, Irfanview, Photoshop Trial, Stereogram (Magic Eye) Decoder, VB Colour Picker,

GEOGRAPHY AND LOCATIONS Seven Wonders of the World, World's Longest Rivers

MATHEMATICS AND NUMBERS Area & Volume Calculator, Geometry Equations, Numeral Systems, Prime Numbers, Roman Numerals, Russian Numbers, Scientific Calculator - (opens in popup), Shape Names

MISC Collective Names of Animals, Phobias A - Z, Seven Deadly Sins, Kakuro Solver, Jigsaw Sudoku Solver - Letters Only, Sudoku Solver - (9x9), Letters & Numbers, Unicode Searcher

MUSIC AND SOUND Guitar Fretboard, Köchel-Verzeichnis Catalogue - (Works of Mozart), Piano Keyboard, Audacity, Chord Finder, Song Query, Telephone Dial Tone (DTMF) Decoder,

PEOPLE British Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, United States Presidents

RELIGION AND MYTHOLOGY Etruscan Mythology, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, The Bible, The Holy Qur'an (Koran), Bible Search,

Alchemy Symbols, Binary Clock, Brainfuck Interpreter, Constellation Images, Constellations and Named Stars, Conversion Tables, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Geological Time Scale, Periodic Table, DNA Encoder/Decoder, DNS Lookup, Interactive Planetarium, IP Quad Dot ↔ Decimal, Resistor Colour Codes

SIGNS AND LOGOS Car Logos A-I, Car Logos J-Z, Car Logos (all on one page), License Plates,

WORLD INFO Time Zones, United States, World Information (country capital, currency, dialling code, domain name etc.), GPS Coordinates, International Air Transport Association(IATA) codes, World Flag Identifier,

ZODIACS AND ANNIVERSARIES, ETC Birth Symbols, Wedding Anniversaries, Zodiacs
Ziola wrote:
An Excellent Vigenere Cipher
Bethy wrote:
Cipher Decoder and Generator
QtheC wrote:
Assorted Cipher Tools
Lorien wrote:
Two Different Cipher Decoders
impulse wrote:
Hex/Binary/Base64 Decoder
reputationforte wrote:
Andy's Anagram Solver

shifty wrote:
First off, mIRC is an application you can run on your computer to connect to IRC chatrooms. This will give you much more versatility and reliability in the chat. Here are the steps to get started:

-Step #1: Download the mIRC client at http://www.mirc.com/get.html
-Step #2: Install mIRC with the default settings.
-Step #3: Follow the directions to setup mIRC found here: http://www.mirc.com/install.html
-Step #4:Go to the Options menu, under the Connect->Servers category and if FreeNode is in the IRC Network dropdown menu, select it and move to the next step. Otherwise, hit the Add button. Input the following information in the corresponding boxes:
Description: FreeNode Main
IRC Server: irc.freenode.net
Port: 6667
Group: FreeNode
And then select FreeNode from the IRC Network dropdown menu.
-Step #5: Go to the Options menu, under the Connect->Options category and hit the Perform button.
-Step #6: Hit the Add button and select Freenode, then click ok. Ensure FreeNode is selected for the Network. Then in the perform commands text area, put "/join #facilityj OR #maddisonatkins"(Ensure the "Enable perform on connect" option is selected).

After signing in with your chosen username, I recommend that you register it. You can do this by typing:
"/ns register yourpasswordhere"

If you get a message saying "That username is already registered," this means someone already has that name and you will have to come up with a new name. You can change your name by typing:
"/nick yournewnamehere"

After registering your username, it is required that you identify yourself each time you sign on. mIRC makes this easy but auto-identifying yourself if you follow this step:
-Step #7: Go back to the perform menu from step 6, and add the following line after the "/join #facilityj OR #maddisonatkins" line: "/ns identify password"

Following these steps will set up the client to automatically join the channel on connecting to freenode and identify you.

Some FAQ's:
Q: How do I do an emote?
A: To emote, simply type: "/me texthere"
Q: How do I join another chat channel?
A: To join another chat channel, type: "/join #chatnamehere"
Q: Why does my username have a number after it?
A: Your username may have a number after it if you are disconnected and rejoin. This is called ghosting. You can remove the ghost by typing: "/ns ghost yourusername yourpassword" then change your username back by typing "/nick username"

*Note: where "yourpasswordhere" is written, you insert your own desired password.*

#hymnofone - discussion of hymnofone storyline, lg15, incharacter and outofcharacter talk, obscure fanfic, gereral
#maddison - discussion of Maddison Adkins ARG and related fanfiction, ingame discussion and interaction with characters, general discussion
#outofgame - meta discussion of lg15 and related fanfiction, general discussion
#facilityj - discussion of facilityj ARG
#clarasthesis- ingame discussion with Clara and players concerning the Maddison Adkin's project.

romanceismusic wrote:
The Drop Reciever
1. If you are nearby a drop, and would like to retrieve it, you MUST inform both the forums AND the chat that you will be going. You need to let them know where you are leaving from, how long it will take you to get there, and any other arrangements. You also will need to make prior arrangements with the others who will be going to retrieve the drop as well.

2. Once you have confirmed that you are going to retrieve the drop, pick somebody who has access to the forums AND the IRC to be an operator. Make sure that you have a mobile phone with you at all times, and that they have the number. Please stay in touch with your operator for as much of the drop as possible. Communication is the key!

3. Bring a flashlight! Some drops will need to be retrieved at night, in VERY dark locations. A flashlight is not only beneficial for finding the drop, but also for your safety.

4. Meet with your group AWAY from the drop. People retrieving the drops should meet in a public area away from the drop, and leave together. This way everyone arrives at the drop at the same time, and introductions will have already been made.

5. All drop retrievals must be recorded! There are no exceptions to this rule! Everything that happens at the drop site must be recorded. Walking to the site, walking around, searching areas, finding the drop, opening the drop, and so on, must be on video recorded. After finding the drop, ALL items MUST be photographed. Every side, marking, symbol, sentence, etc. MUST be on film. Video needs to be uploaded to you tube in a fast, timely manner. And pictures need to be hosted as well.

6. After all this action, SLEEP! Everyone else can wait. Your health and safety are most important.
Samara wrote:
Drop Retrieval Kit1. Cell Phone (fully charged)
2. Video Camera or Digital Camera that does video with full charged batteries.
3. Flashlight (for looking in the dark, fully charged batteries)
4. Small mirror (for looking into crevices and under things)
5. Gloves (for potential bushes or icky places)
6. Enough change to call your operator from a pay phone if, for some reason, your cell isn't working.
7. Map or photos of the location for reference--do your research before you go!
8. A good story to tell in case somebody doesn't like you poking around.
9. Swiss army knife. Always be prepared.
romanceismusic wrote:
Drop Observers
You are just as important as the group retrieving. After a drop is confirmed, those not retrieving will be doing several things.

1. The forum and the IRC chat will work together to uncover the locale of this drop. Once we feel that the location is verified to our satisfaction (and believe me, we're picky), we will find who is closest to the drop and is willing to take a trip. In the past drops the closest people have been from fifteen minutes to several hours from the location of the drop.

2. We will make sure that the brave soliders have swapped phone numbers with someone in our group. We will also confirm that they are able to videotape their recovery.

3. In some cases, we will need to help direct those on the mission.

4. Follow along closely, because once something is found, it all happens quickly.

ARGs can be a very fun and exciting experience, but only when played respectfully and safely. The most important thing to take away from this thread is knowledge, and if you feel that you have unanswered question please pose them here or in a PM. If I missed any information or misrepresented anything please notify me and I will fix it as soon as possible. Happy hunting!
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