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[Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/18/07 ~12am-1:15am

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 1:14 pm    Post subject: [Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/18/07 ~12am-1:15am Reply with quote

[2007-07-19 00:10:44] -->| amblyopianne (n=amblyopi@unaffiliated/amblyopianne) has joined #maddison
[2007-07-19 00:11:01] <kelseygirl15> hey clara
[2007-07-19 00:11:07] <amblyopianne> hella
[2007-07-19 00:11:34] <acidfingers> sup clara, miss me?
[2007-07-19 00:11:44] <amblyopianne> sort of
[2007-07-19 00:11:53] <acidfingers> yeah, it's okay. happens to everyone
[2007-07-19 00:12:09] <amblyopianne> I feel ya
[2007-07-19 00:12:09] <GregGallows> how are you doing tonight Clara?
[2007-07-19 00:12:25] <acidfingers> How was the trip to Maddison's place?
[2007-07-19 00:12:26] <amblyopianne> ok - fighting with Revver to post my video
[2007-07-19 00:12:49] <Brooklynxman> so, clara, find anything interesting?
[2007-07-19 00:12:50] <amblyopianne> strange - i didnt know what i was doing there
[2007-07-19 00:12:58] <DTayl> Hey cobitch
[2007-07-19 00:13:00] <DTayl> what up
[2007-07-19 00:13:02] <acidfingers> Did anything try to attack you?
[2007-07-19 00:13:14] <amblyopianne> am i cobitch?
[2007-07-19 00:13:16] <Brooklynxman> like dani for instance?
[2007-07-19 00:13:18] <DTayl> yea that would be weird, i hate being in other peoples homes when they aren't there
[2007-07-19 00:14:26] <amblyopianne> umm   trying to keep up
[2007-07-19 00:15:28] <amblyopianne> http://one.revver.com/watch/335846/flv/affiliate/100468
[2007-07-19 00:15:31] <marlasinger> thanks clara
[2007-07-19 00:15:38] <amblyopianne> that will be the link when it is done
[2007-07-19 00:15:51] <amblyopianne> FoNever from now
[2007-07-19 00:16:14] <marlasinger> Today I uploaded a video, Clara, and it took 5 minutes to upload
[2007-07-19 00:16:34] <krmurr> uh good vid by the way
[2007-07-19 00:16:37] <krmurr> clara did you see it?
[2007-07-19 00:16:55] <amblyopianne> which video
[2007-07-19 00:17:17] <marlasinger> would you like the link?
[2007-07-19 00:17:26] <amblyopianne> sure
[2007-07-19 00:17:40] <marlasinger> it's short, and to the point. http://youtube.com/watch?v=wRObAwfbteg
[2007-07-19 00:17:51] <amblyopianne> brb
[2007-07-19 00:17:58] <marlasinger> yeah sure.
[2007-07-19 00:19:35] <amblyopianne> thats the kind of stuff we talked about the other day right
[2007-07-19 00:19:48] <amblyopianne> you are pretty marla
[2007-07-19 00:19:56] <marlasinger> oh...er, thank you clara, so are you[2007-07-19 00:21:39] <amblyopianne> before i came here i went to #madison
[2007-07-19 00:21:46] <amblyopianne> i keep mispelling her name
[2007-07-19 00:21:46] <marlasinger> is there a #madison
[2007-07-19 00:21:51] <marlasinger> misspelling, darling.
[2007-07-19 00:22:06] <marlasinger> it's no big deal
[2007-07-19 00:22:08] <amblyopianne> right
[2007-07-19 00:22:18] <giddeanx> hey Clara have you thought about interviewing Mrs. Frady?
[2007-07-19 00:22:48] <amblyopianne> Ummm.  I have thought about interviewing her
[2007-07-19 00:22:56] <Zoey> That's a good idea gidd.  Or possibly his daughter, Bev?  Depending on how old she is, I'm not sure if she's old enough or not.
[2007-07-19 00:22:59] <amblyopianne> i have to get my new thesis approved
[2007-07-19 00:23:14] <amblyopianne> i have about 25 million emails into my professor
[2007-07-19 00:23:21] <Zoey> Do you know anything about the daughter?  If she's three, obviously it would be different to interview her than if she's say, 15.
[2007-07-19 00:23:25] <amblyopianne> after the summer feature he's hard to find
[2007-07-19 00:24:05] <marlasinger> why is he hard to track down?
[2007-07-19 00:24:35] <amblyopianne> doesnt answer his phone - busy guy i guess
[2007-07-19 00:24:51] <TOSG> first law of professors: they're always unavailiable when you need them, but always around to give you shit to do when you're busy :P
[2007-07-19 00:25:20] <Zoey> Clara, do you know anything about Bev Frady?
[2007-07-19 00:26:17] <amblyopianne> I think it is beth - at least thats what i heard
[2007-07-19 00:26:35] <Zoey> Oh Beth, sorry I misheard.
[2007-07-19 00:26:42] <Zoey> His daughter, right?  Do you know how old she is?
[2007-07-19 00:27:21] <amblyopianne> not sure - i think shes younger
[2007-07-19 00:27:26] <amblyopianne> like 10 or something
[2007-07-19 00:27:36] <TOSG> oh jeez, that might be a tough interview
[2007-07-19 00:27:39] <marlasinger> Too young to interview.
[2007-07-19 00:27:45] <marlasinger> They know more than they give away
[2007-07-19 00:27:45] <surrealisticpill> clara, i made you an op in this channel in case you need to get everyone's attention.  to log in as an op type /cs op #maddison
[2007-07-19 00:27:55] <surrealisticpill> then you can silence the troublemakers ;)
[2007-07-19 00:28:05] <amblyopianne> type in what now . . . op?
[2007-07-19 00:28:25] =-= Mode #maddison +o amblyopianne  by ChanServ
[2007-07-19 00:28:29] <marlasinger> theeere you go
[2007-07-19 00:28:34] <amblyopianne> what happened
[2007-07-19 00:28:42] <marlasinger> you have power now clara
[2007-07-19 00:28:46] <marlasinger> dont worry about it too much now
[2007-07-19 00:28:47] <acidfingers> you get a pretty symbol next to your name
[2007-07-19 00:28:58] <Skunkwaffle> and you can kick people who piss you off
[2007-07-19 00:29:00] <DTayl> uh oh
[2007-07-19 00:29:02] <amblyopianne> oh   i moved up to there
[2007-07-19 00:29:09] <amblyopianne> thats kind of embarrasing
[2007-07-19 00:29:55] <acidfingers> Clara, any word back from the attorney by chance?
[2007-07-19 00:30:18] <amblyopianne> no, but youd think his secretary were bff
[2007-07-19 00:30:35] <marlasinger> he and his secretary?
[2007-07-19 00:30:38] <amblyopianne> typing fast blows
[2007-07-19 00:30:52] <amblyopianne> i have spoken to her 90 gabillion times
[2007-07-19 00:30:59] <amblyopianne> im never going to get to him
[2007-07-19 00:31:28] <amblyopianne> revver reviews
[2007-07-19 00:31:29] <marlasinger> hmm
[2007-07-19 00:31:43] <marlasinger> you might need to find a different angle.  catch him by surprise ;)
[2007-07-19 00:31:59] <amblyopianne> i should put it up to youtube while im waiting
[2007-07-19 00:32:02] <Zoey> Wait so Clara, what about Mrs. Frady?  (or is that not her name anymore.. not sure if they're divorced, whatever)... would it be possible to interview her?
[2007-07-19 00:32:05] <krmurr> well his secretary might know something
[2007-07-19 00:32:12] <krmurr> you know they know the best gossip in the office
[2007-07-19 00:32:13] <amblyopianne> i should just go down to his office tomorrow huh
[2007-07-19 00:32:18] <acidfingers> buy his secretary chocolates
[2007-07-19 00:32:31] <acidfingers> and tell her she has cute shoes or some shit
[2007-07-19 00:32:32] <amblyopianne> my poor ass aint buying nobody nuthin
[2007-07-19 00:32:39] <Zoey> Lol
[2007-07-19 00:32:49] <GregGallows> yes clara, just go see him
[2007-07-19 00:32:58] <amblyopianne> i think ill do that
[2007-07-19 00:33:08] <amblyopianne> i have a very busy day tomorrow
[2007-07-19 00:33:35] <Skunkwaffle> too bad Frady was way to close to the camera, but still, awesome
[2007-07-19 00:33:51] <amblyopianne> i know ... right - cops
[2007-07-19 00:37:38] <amblyopianne> live coverage - hahahahaha
[2007-07-19 00:37:51] <GregGallows> Clara, do you have access to any of the records from Joel Fradys trial?
[2007-07-19 00:37:55] <krmurr> uh we're very serious about our coverage
[2007-07-19 00:37:56] <amblyopianne> you all are funny - i feel famous
[2007-07-19 00:38:06] <amblyopianne> i dont
[2007-07-19 00:38:14] <amblyopianne> have records
[2007-07-19 00:38:41] <Aponi> arn't certian court records public? or maybe thats only the way it is here in ny
[2007-07-19 00:39:10] <amblyopianne> i can check, but ive never looked for that stuff before
[2007-07-19 00:39:25] <GregGallows> the courthouse should have something on file for it.
[2007-07-19 00:39:27] <acidfingers> I bet you can find records if you talk to the attorney
[2007-07-19 00:39:35] <GregGallows> alot of that stuff is public record, so anyone can get copies of it.
[2007-07-19 00:40:10] <amblyopianne> ill try tomorrow - but ill have to squeeze it in before work
[2007-07-19 00:41:12] <amblyopianne> what the f is up with revver
[2007-07-19 00:41:51] <amblyopianne> brb - uploading to youtube
[2007-07-19 00:45:54] <amblyopianne> i am back but i am keeping an eye on youtube.  i may be distracted
[2007-07-19 00:46:39] <Wind_walker> Clara, are you purposely timing your entrances to when I'm not here?
[2007-07-19 00:47:00] <amblyopianne> yes.  so
[2007-07-19 00:47:18] <marlasinger> nice clara.
[2007-07-19 00:47:28] <DTayl> clara learned /sarcasm
[2007-07-19 00:47:56] <marlasinger> heh
[2007-07-19 00:48:18] <marlasinger> holy shit, clara its 1am
[2007-07-19 00:48:25] <marlasinger> i usually would stay up
[2007-07-19 00:48:28] <marlasinger> i really would
[2007-07-19 00:48:32] <marlasinger> but you're in good hands tonight
[2007-07-19 00:48:36] <Wind_walker> Clara, have you been trying the home keys thing(I know it's off topic, but I have to ask)
[2007-07-19 00:48:46] <amblyopianne> ok - goodnight marla - thanks for the video
[2007-07-19 00:49:05] <amblyopianne> sort of - im not typing enough to get better at it
[2007-07-19 00:49:53] <Wind_walker> Clara, one day maybe you'll get to the point where you cantype with your eyes close like me
[2007-07-19 00:50:18] <amblyopianne> model motion - yeah right wind - does lg15today already have my video up?
[2007-07-19 00:50:30] <Wind_walker> it's posted but not viewing yet
[2007-07-19 00:50:52] <modelmotion> its up but not processed
[2007-07-19 00:51:04] <marlasinger> flail'em if they f**k around.
[2007-07-19 00:51:05] <amblyopianne> ok
[2007-07-19 00:51:23] <amblyopianne> hey aja - i see you up there
[2007-07-19 00:51:29] <heyaja> hiiiiii
[2007-07-19 00:52:59] <Zoey> Yes, I think interviewing both Emily and Mrs. Frady would be an excellent idea if they are up for it.
[2007-07-19 00:53:03] <amblyopianne> emily would be easier than joels baby mama
[2007-07-19 00:53:18] <Zoey> Lol not Mrs. Frady?  What should we call her? xD
[2007-07-19 00:53:31] <amblyopianne> i just need to find out if shes in town for the summer
[2007-07-19 00:54:29] <amblyopianne> hey everyone
[2007-07-19 00:54:49] <amblyopianne> im sorry to say this, but when you all throw ideas at me so fast, i get overwhelmed[2007-07-19 00:55:52] <amblyopianne> just make me a list, and after i get a new thesis approved, I'll check off interviews one at a time
[2007-07-19 00:55:54] <amblyopianne> i promise
[2007-07-19 00:56:15] <TOSG> sounds like a plan, Clara, we can compile it in the forum, so you have it all in one place
[2007-07-19 00:57:22] <amblyopianne> yay tosg is a savior
[2007-07-19 00:58:03] <amblyopianne> revver reviews
[2007-07-19 00:58:11] <amblyopianne> youtube is 54 percent
[2007-07-19 00:59:44] <Skunkwaffle> ?? I already watched it on Revver
[2007-07-19 01:00:00] <amblyopianne> which video did you watch skunkwaffle
[2007-07-19 01:00:35] <Skunkwaffle> the interview with Frady
[2007-07-19 01:00:49] <amblyopianne> thats from the other day
[2007-07-19 01:06:41] <acidfingers> this video is going to be sweet
[2007-07-19 01:06:44] <acidfingers> I can feel it
[2007-07-19 01:07:00] <amblyopianne> it is no big deal acid
[2007-07-19 01:07:03] <amblyopianne> i promise
[2007-07-19 01:07:07] <acidfingers> did anything pop out?
[2007-07-19 01:07:12] <amblyopianne> revver says - "going Online"
[2007-07-19 01:07:15] <GregGallows> dont be modest, you;ve gotten some good interviews Clara
[2007-07-19 01:08:08] <amblyopianne> i couldnt piss off the apartment
[2007-07-19 01:12:03] <amblyopianne> telephone brb
[2007-07-19 01:17:08] <amblyopianne> night everyone
[2007-07-19 01:17:15] <--| amblyopianne has left #maddison

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[2007-07-19 00:11:01] <kelseygirl15> hey clara
[2007-07-19 00:11:07] <amblyopianne> hella
[2007-07-19 00:11:34] <acidfingers> sup clara, miss me?
[2007-07-19 00:11:44] <amblyopianne> sort of
[2007-07-19 00:11:53] <acidfingers> yeah, it's okay. happens to everyone

hahahaha <3 Acid
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Thor's Hammer

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm liking Clara more and more. She's got a zesty zing in her zaps. Very Happy
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The Order of Denderah

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

/me thinks Deagol has been reading far too much Dr. Suess

Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh, I dunno...can anyone ever read too much Suess? Or be too Suessical?

<sits quietly in a corner contemplating...while happily chewing on a crayon>
Diane, or cher, or even chershaytoute, but "Hey, you!" works, too...

WWggD - let's make the Breeniverse a better place to live...

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