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Episode 2 in the Xeniph series

Xeniph Video 2.jpg
Daniel, only you can make me feel "very good."

Blogger Xeniph
Date Posted December 8th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description I feel like I'm always two steps behind in my advice! Either that, or you just don't listen. Yes, I'm still locked in my room.
YouTube Tags Xeniph Bree Jonas isolation advice Dad


Xeniph Unknown
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AAH! is the second video in the Xeniph saga.


(shot of Xeniph. She is still in her room.)

Xeniph: (She sounds frustrated) Bree, you know, I feel really useless. (she rolls her eyes) I'm...technologically impaired... (pauses) as you already know, (clears throat) but I feel like... (sighs) I'm two steps behind you all the time. (a noise is heard on camera) My advice about Jonas, my advice about everything is coming too late. (reluctantly) I...meant to edit this as best I could, but now I'm just gonna have to do a sloppy job and...just set it up there...(sighs) Sorry.


Xeniph: Okay. Daniel. In response to your video, (she smiles, then sobers) I'm not sure that going to stay at Jonas's is a good idea, either. Isolated... I don't know. (cut to her looking very serious) 'Cause...I'd hate to see what would happen if you got caught there with no plan. Daniel, what you said (begins to smile) about the people on the forums was really sweet...made me feel...(voice gets soft) very good. But it was stupid. (gives the camera a "look") I mean, you don't know who's on the Internet, quite frankly. That's always the reality of the Internet...Is that you don't know who's there. (seems to be searching for words here) And, to put too much trust...and to...suspend your...mistrust, I guess...To c-- ever completely trust anyone on the Internet...(pauses, opens mouth as if to say something, pauses again) It's not really a good idea, unless you've met them in person first.


Xeniph: I don't know why I'm babbling on about this. I'm just really nervous about what's gonna happen if you guys go to Jonas's house. I don't know if anything's going to happen...(sighs) I hope it doesn't... Anyway...Yeah, I'm going to try and edit this as best I can and...(shakes head) hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. (sarcastic smile) Bye.

("Always Listening" sign pops up)


  • In this movie, Xeniph seems to have dark circles around her eyes.
  • Some fans have speculated as to whether or not Xeniph may have feelings for Daniel, due to her statement that his declaration of trust made her feel "very good."
  • This is the first time we see Xeniph's "Always Listening" sequence at the end. It is in several subsequent videos.