A Watcher

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Template:Blog3 A Watcher is the seventy-seventh video in the Lonelygirl15 video series. Gemma warns Bree and Daniel that she has more evidence that they are being followed.


Gemma: Bree, you know how I thought you were being followed? Now I'm worried. I want to show you something from your last video. (cut to ctill picture of man in black suit from the previous video) So, I went to the library. They have this, uh, special section where they have the ancient texts. I had to use a pseudonym when they asked me to sign in. I used "P. Monkey". Bree, you're not gonna like what I uncovered. I think that dark smudge is a symbol. I found a picture in one of the books that looks a lot like it. The picture in the book showed a human body, and a lot of different symbols in different locations. The symbol I drew was located here. (Gemma points to the back of her hand) (cut to still picture again, with the hand highlighted)
Watcher symbol
Apparently, the symbol is used (cut to sketch of the symbol) to identify someone who's called a "Watcher". (cut back to Gemma) They operate a bit like an order of knights, and I don't mean like the Knights of the Round Table. It's confusing, but I think The Watchers are a modern version of them or part of The Order. I'm not sure if any of this helps. Keep me updated, and I'll see if I can dig up some more information. Take care of yourself and extend my apologies to P. Monkey. If the library officials come knocking at his door, I don't know anything about it.


In "What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2", investigative Journalist Nikki Bower found a box near the ceremony site, which had the same symbol etched onto the cover.

Nikki Bower finds a mysterious box under a bridge in Topanga Canyon.