Again, It's Erica.

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Episode 38/1x038
Again, It's Erica.

Jayde, you are like an onion... you stink and you make people cry.

Blogger Erica
Date Posted July 8th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:59
Description Life has taught me lots of things.. and this is what I know.
Location(s) Niagara Falls
YouTube Tags LG15 The Last Jonas Bree Daniel LonelyGirl15 Trait Positive Hymn of One
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Erica Baker
Director(s) Erica Baker
Camera Erica Baker
Vidplay Erica Baker, Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Erica Baker
Erica Erica Baker
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Again, It's Erica. is the thirty-eighth video in the LG15: The Last video series. It is also the fifth video of Quietus.


(Erica looks solemn and plays with a large fuzz ball.)

Erica: Hey guys, it's Erica. I realize now that it's too late to apologize. Just especially knowing that what I have said has led to your group's demise. They thought I gave an admirable performance. It was the only thing to do if I wanted information about my friend. I lied. I lied! And I'm genuinely sorry. And now, I realize this may be the only chance I have to tell you what I think might be the truth. Sibylla. She said she had someone in the house, and I say you don't go and save Leigh, because, seriously, how ignorant could she be of what she was injecting herself with. I say, she's not trait positive.

(Plays with fuzz ball some more, then holds it up and looks at it.)

Erica: I could be wrong, but life has always told me to look beneath the surface. (Holds out the fuzz ball.) Jayde. You're an onion. Even though this isn't an onion. (Gestures to fuzz ball.) You have layers. You have the ability to make people cry. You have a hidden side that's within you, that's ready to strike at any moment.

(Cut to Erica holding a book entitled "Favorite Storybook")

Erica: Toni. You like books, you did some research, you flipped a few pages but you can't share all that you've found. (Closeup of cover) With all that information that you probably gathered, you probably have a couple of page-turners in there don't ya think?

(Cut to Erica sitting up on her bed)

Erica: Chas. You've shown that you have a driven, proud, and determined attitude. Before, you're willing to "save the day", but now, oh, you don't want to risk your life? Not willing to risk your life to save another? Is this just a ruse? Mitch and Chas. Boyfriend and Girlfriend, out to save the world together. Bray. I actually feel for you. So, to make up for my mistakes... I have something. And this time, I'm telling the truth. I promise. I can't lie any longer. I can't lie anymore. It's a safe way for you to get to Toni. (Screen starts to become full of static.) I overheard them talking about it.


  • This video is no longer available for viewing, along with the KateModern video ". (video)" and the LG15: The Last videos "Just Kiss Him Already!" and "The Discovery Channel".
  • Despite Erica promising to provide information that would help Bray rescue Toni, she actually fails to provide anything besides her theory on whom Sibylla's mole may be. However, the static at the end may indicate that her video was tampered with by the Order.
  • This video caused much confusion as Erica is never specific on what she exactly lied about. While she admits to making a deal with the Order, which may be what she was referring to, she never provides The Lasties with any information that could be proven unreliable.