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* With the events of this episode, [[Bree]], [[Daniel]] and [[Jonas]] are, once again, homeless.
* With the events of this episode, [[Bree]], [[Daniel]] and [[Jonas]] are, once again, homeless.
* Alex's monologue at the end is the longest unedited "speech" ever in the entire Lonelygirl15 series.
* Alex's monologue at the end is the longest unedited "speech" ever in the entire Lonelygirl15 series.
* Although fans had been somewhat skeptical of [[Aunt Alex]]'s loyalties, there was some initial surprise that she could act so harshly against [[Jonas]], her nephew, and the people she betrayed. Alex's line about how easy it is to give up something you love is significant in this context.

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Template:Blog4 Alex Is... is the one hundred fifty-seventh video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Daniel and Alex are sitting across from each other and laughing.)

Daniel: (Hands Alex a photo album, pointing at something inside.) No, really, that one on the left's my favorite, right there.

Alex: Mmm.

Daniel: That one, that one.

Alex: That's your right.

Daniel: Oh.

Alex: No, it's, uh...

Daniel: Well, your left though...

Alex: ...too, too sentimental. (Slams album shut.) Yeah.

Daniel: No... Did you ever think about being, like, a professional photographer?

Alex: Only like every other day of my life until I hit my mid-twenties.

Daniel: What happened?

Alex: Guess I just realized that I didn't want to live off Kraft singles and Wonder Bread for the rest of my life.

Daniel: (chuckles) You wanted to be rich.

Alex: No, nobody was recognizing my work, anyway. I couldn't get into the right magazines, and God knows I wasn't any good at playing the game.

Daniel: Did you stop completely, or...?

Alex: Yeah. I haven't clicked a single frame since my 26th birthday party.

Daniel: No way.

Alex: Mmhm.

Daniel: How could you do that? How could you just give up something you love?

Alex: Oh, it's easier than you'd think.

(Door opens. Jonas storms in.)

Jonas: (angrily, at Daniel) Get up.

Daniel: What?

Jonas: Get up. Get up.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Jonas: Give me the camera.

Daniel: Dude.

Jonas: I want to record this.

Alex: Jonas, what the hell is your problem?

Jonas: (To Alex) My problem is you're a liar. (To Daniel) She's in the order.

Daniel: What the hell are you talking about, dude? It's your aunt, calm down...

Jonas: Just trust me, just believe me.

Alex: I don't know...

Jonas: I know you've been...(To Alex) Shut up! Shut up! (To Daniel) I know you've been busy working it so you missed Bree's last video, but she's friends with Lucy. (To Alex) That scrapbook's not for evidence, it's for people you've screwed over and betrayed! Don't sit there and try to deny it because you're making me sick!

Alex: Jonas, I am sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. Order?

Jonas: Whatever. Dude.

Alex: The what Order?

Jonas: Get your stuff. Come on, get up. Daniel, get up. (Jonas pulls at Daniel.)

Daniel: (To Alex) Don't worry, I'll figure this out.

Alex: What?

Daniel: All right, okay.

Jonas: We're getting out of here right now.

Alex: Wait, where are you guys going?

Daniel: I'll fix it.

Jonas: We're leaving. (Jonas drags Daniel out of the room.)

Daniel: Hold on. Just don't worry.

(Daniel and Jonas walk outside.)

(Cut to Jonas sitting on a fence.)

Daniel: Dude, you're being paranoid just like Bree was... well, you know what I mean.

Jonas: (shaking his head) I'm not being paranoid, Daniel, you didn't see the video.

Daniel: No, I didn't see the video, but that doesn't mean anything.

Jonas: You didn't see the video, you don't underst--

Daniel: You know what, dude, I'm going to give her a chance to explain herself, I'm going back.

Jonas: No, Daniel, stop!

Daniel: I'm going back!

Jonas: Come back here!

Daniel: I'm going back, that's it.

Jonas: Danny, do not go back there.

(Cut to a shot of Alex's front door. Daniel has returned to her house, alone.)

Daniel: Okay, so I convinced Jonas to let me come back here and interview Alex... I just, I don't know, I want to give her a chance to tell her side of the story. (He knocks on the door and Alex instantly opens it.) Oh!

Alex: Daniel, come in.

Daniel: Hey. I, uh, know you're not part of the order, I just want to give you a chance...

Alex: Sit down, there.

Daniel: All right, so I'm just going to ask you a couple questions, and then...

Alex: Give me that. (She takes the camera.) Be quiet.

Daniel: All right.

Alex: Just sit, and listen, don't say a word. (addressing camera) This is a message for your little friend. Jonas, you're very perceptive, not unlike your parents. Smart boy. Because you're smart, I'm not going to beat around the bush. I couldn't have killed your parents, because they're still alive. I think that you should be less concerned about me, and more concerned about what will almost certainly come after me. There are elements within the Order that will stop at nothing to reclaim your cute little friend. As for your parents, they're happy. Who's to say they even remember you? They've been busy, and so much time has passed.


  • This episode confirms that Aunt Alex is aware of the Order, although her specific role within or against the group has not been confirmed. Suspicions of her involvement arose when the Lucy photo was spotted by fans and shown by Bree in Lucy!?!?!,
  • Although the video has a cliffhanger ending, the video description states that Jonas and Daniel both "got the hell out of there." While this suggests that the two have left Aunt Alex's home unharmed, it is not stated directly.
  • With the events of this episode, Bree, Daniel and Jonas are, once again, homeless.
  • Alex's monologue at the end is the longest unedited "speech" ever in the entire Lonelygirl15 series.