Am I A Murderer?

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Episode 378/2x122
Am I A Murderer?

Was there a man behind that door? The answer is yes.

Blogger Jennie
Date Posted December 20th, 2007
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Length 2:42
Description One of the other girls let me use her five minutes. I had to post this.
Location(s) Lullaby Project
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast daniel jonastko jonas lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Supervising Producer(s) Mary Feuer
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Justin Thompson
Vidplay Jan Libby
Story Mary Feuer, Jan Libby, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
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Am I A Murderer? is the three-hundred seventy-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred twenty-second video of season two.


(footsteps are heard as Jennie walks toward a poor neighborhood. Dogs are heard. Jennie looks inside a yard)

Jennie: I have no idea what's going on. (she begins walking again) I came into the village, like, an hour ago (looks around a corner) to do some prep work with some of the women here. (pauses nervously) Sorry. I'm a little freaked out. (scenes of Jennie walking, looking back. Finally stops, short on breath) That was more than bizarre. I came out here to help!

(scene transcends to Jennie walking up to a yard, playing music. It appears deserted. Jennie knocks on door)

Jennie: Juanita Cerez? (knocks again until door opens) Oh, hola. Mi nombre es Jennie. Estoy con Lullaby Project. Es usted Juanita Cerez? (Juanita Cerez? Oh, hello. My name is Jennie. I'm with Lullaby Project. Are you Juanita Cerez?)

Juanita: (off camera) No, gracias. No Lullaby. ( No, thank you. No Lullaby.)

Jennie: Es usted Juanita? ( Are you Juanita?)

Juanita: No me graben. ( Don't record me.)

Jennie: Oh, okay. (to camera) No camera. (to Juanita) Sorry!

(scene cuts to Jennie walking. She stops in the middle of the desert, away from the village)

Jennie: As soon as I shut off the camera, Juanita opened the door. She said the Lullaby Project is a curse. She said that three of her relatives who've participated in our outreach have had miscarriages over the last couple weeks. And when I tried to explain the complications of bringing a baby to full term, she got really upset and started yelling. I couldn't really understand anything she was saying except for asesino, which translates to "assasin" or "murderer" or "killer." It's whichever you prefer.

(scene cuts to Jennie at a different location, sitting)

Jennie: I wanna chalk this all up to a crappy day. But I can't get Juanita Cerez out of my mind. She seemed really scared to me. Scared of me. It's gotta be a coincidence that three of her relatives have had miscarriages, right? She doesn't think so. I mean, a lot of women miscarry. When she was yelling, "asesino" to me, her entire body...just...shook. I swear: I am not a murderer.


  • In Mexican culture, the most common way of introducing oneself is by using the "Me llamo [name]" formulation, rather than "Mi nombre es [name]." The latter is almost never used in Spanish, except by those who learned Spanish as a second language. (Fans who watched earlier this year may remember Jules making this same gramatical error in her first videoblog.)
  • "Asesino" is not appropriate when used towards Jennie; as Jennie is a female, Juanita would be calling her "asesina." Therefore, Juanita was not calling Jennie a murderer. On the other hand, the Lullaby Project is masculine- "el proyecto" for "project"- but it would be strange to call the Project a murderer, in the Spanish tongue. One can assume Juanita said, "Los del Lulluby Project son asesinos." Meaning, "The people from the Lullaby Project are murderers." The masculine term applies to groups of people, which makes the term "asesino" more plausible in this situation.
  • When Jennie knocked on the door a heating system was visible. It seems likely that Jennie is in a region that sometimes gets cold.