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In the tradition of small towns in and out of fiction, like Roswell, New Mexico or Eureka, '''Azusa''', California, has had more than its share in the creation of big mysteries.  There have been many videos by various producers, both confirmed [[canon]] and otherwise that have been located here.  It has even been wondered if [[Daniel]] mistook '''Azusa''' to mean Arizona, USA in his video [[Aleister Crowley (Video)|Aleister Crowley]] where he relates some nefarious activity surrounding the infamous occultist took place. It seems that little Azusa is often mentioned in the same breath with Satanic Ritual Abuse, something which fed greatly wild speculation among Lonelygirl15 fans that the swimming hole would be the [[site of the ceremony]].
== Next Stop Azusa! ==
A list of videos in which Azusa and its immediate surroundings appear on film.
* [[This Is My Story Now]]- [[cassieiswatching]] freaks us all out for the first time.
* {{youtube|xCUOU_vud0A|Casket of Tears}}- [[Cu Roi]]
* [[Swimming!]]- [[Bree]] introduces us to that girl we love to hate, [[Cassie]], all while bashing in bug brains while taking a dip.
* {{youtube|0f6DY8ztVjg|The Chase}}- [[NillaWafers]]
* {{youtube|-6LLlvlYFqU|Ugh!}}- [[NillaWafers]]
* [[Frankiswaking]]
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