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* Posters from the Fight The Order contest can be seen behind Jonas.

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Episode 480/3x070
Backseat Shocker

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Blogger Jonas
Date Posted May 12th, 2008
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [17356 forum discussion]
Length 3:18
Description The Order has targeted Emma for an upcoming ceremony! We need to find her first...
Location(s) The rented house, Catalina Island
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 emma jenny danielbeast jonastko hymn of one sarah
Jonas Jackson Davis
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Elizabeth Avery Melissa Kite
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
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Backseat Shocker is the four-hundred eightieth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the seventieth video of season three.


Jonas: Emma. I thought she was safe. It's been so long, I just figured she was okay; just living her life. That is, until the other day. 'Til Friday. Just a- just a bad day all around. And now Jennie's pissed at me for diving into that car. She said I had to go and act like "Mister Macho" again. I just wanted to protect her.

(Cut to Jennie talking to Elizabeth in the car from Sneak Attack!.)

Jennie: I can handle myself, thanks.

Elizabeth: Not yours. Your friend Emma's.

Jennie: What?

Elizabeth: She's going to die.

Jennie: Wha-why? How?

Elizabeth: The wheels are in motion; it's all set.

(The car door opens behind Jennie and Jonas pulls her out.)

Jonas: Shit! Get out of the car!

Jennie: Jonas...

Jonas: Get out of the car!

Jennie: Wait!

Jonas: Right now!

(A scream is heard as the camera cuts to black. Cut to Jennie getting back into the car in the driver's seat. She closes the door behind her and pans to Elizabeth, who is bandaging her hand.)

Elizabeth: You nearly tore my hand off with that stunt...

Jonas: Yeah, so sorry about that, but what are you doing here?

Jennie: What are you doing here, Jonas?

Jonas: Wha-what am I doing here? I'm here making sure that creep Thompson doesn't serve you up to Salinas. Baby...you could have been killed.

Elizabeth: He's right. You should not have come. Salinas is untouchable and the Order will protect him at any cost.

Jennie: Look, I thought this was about Emma.

Jonas: Whoah, what?

Jennie: She said it's about Emma.

(The camera pans to Elizabeth, who is coughing.)

Elizabeth: Emma's been targeted for the Ceremony.

Jonas: No. No, that-that's impossible. She's safe.

Elizabeth: They've assigned a Watcher to track her down. Find her before he does.

Jonas: You're lying.

Jennie: Yeah, how can we trust you?

Elizabeth: I've helped you all along the way. Now you're Emma's only chance of survival. If you don't find her first, she'll die.

Jonas: Well, we don't even know where she is.

Elizabeth: Then find her! Fast.

Jonas: Okay, why- Just- uh, let's- Why don't you just start telling us everything you know? Starting with why would you want to save her.

Elizabeth: I failed Bree. If I can help Emma, if I can save one innocent girl, know I've done one bit of good before I die... that's important for me to know that.

(Cut to Jonas in his room.)

Jonas: In a way, now it all makes sense. (Cut to clips of Lucy from Shop of Horrors!!!.) I mean, we did see Lucy on the island, and it looked like she bought a marionette... Which could mean there's an upcoming Ceremony, but we didn't know if that was true, or who the marionette was for.

(Cut to Jonas sitting on the couch in the living room.)

But now we have confirmation from Elizabeth that there is a Ceremony. And the marionette is for Emma.

(Jonas pans the camera to Jennie as she enters the room. Jennie grabs the laptop from the coffee table.)

Jennie: I just... forgot my laptop.

Jonas: Jennie, wait. Wait. I just want to know...were you trying to get back at me? With that Thompson guy?

Jennie: Maybe if you quit hopping in bathtubs every once in a while...

Jonas: Oh, come on, Jennie, please talk to me.

Jennie: Hey, let's just focus on Emma, okay?

(Jennie leaves and Jonas turns the camera on himself.)

Jonas: See what I mean? Anyway... (Sighs.) Emma, if you are out there, you need to contact us, okay? 'Cause you are in danger. The Order is after you. You know, we have no idea where you are... Please, I'm desperate. I don't know how much time you have. Just contact us, please?


  • Posters from the Fight The Order contest can be seen behind Jonas.