We're Waiting...

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We're Waiting...
Blogger Reed
Date Posted October 28th, 2008
02:14:06 PM PDT
URL lg15.com
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We're Waiting... (also known as Beantown Bound) is a text blog posted by Reed directly after the video Exposed! and directly before the video Mutual Appreciation.


Maggie. It’s nice to be able to call you by your real name. I’m posting this for you specifically, and I’m hoping you’re able to see it once you have a chance to catch your breath.

Look, I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know what it’s like to think you have nowhere you can go. I’ve been exactly where you are right now. But I want you to know it’s not hopeless. Yes, we know who you are now. And that’s why we want to help you.

There’s no good reason for you not to join us in Pittsburgh (seriously, try to think of one -- I triple dog dare you!). We can help you. Like you said, this fight is far from over, and I know you don’t want to miss out on any of it. You’re motivated -- in a way that none of us could ever be; that makes you possibly the most important addition to our group that we could ever hope for.

You’re incredibly brave and incredibly strong. We’ve seen that. You’ve shown us that. All while being a guide to us -- you’ve helped us out of some really tough situations. All for a greater good.

Let us return the favor. We’ll be in Pittsburgh by the end of the week. You can PM us on lg15.com. You know how to contact us. We’ll be waiting for you.

Fingers crossed,


PS - In case you’re on the fence, here are my top five reasons you should meet us:

5. All the fast food you could ever want. On me. In short: yum.

4. You can take shotgun whenever we’re in the car.

3. I’ll be your new best friend.

2. Sarah won’t be your new best friend, but she’ll try really really hard to like you.

1. Jonas will give you a thai massage.

PPS - Okay, so I made that last one up, but maybe if I start bugging him now he’ll do it eventually.

PPPPS I made a “Maggie Meet Us in Boston Mix” on iMeem. Dig it.


After posting this blog, Reed appeared in the lg15 chatroom at 2:48 PST. Below are filtered logs that only show lines spoken by Reed.

<Reed>	hey guys
<Reed>	Jenni!
<Reed>	how's it going?
<Reed>	hey Liv!
<Reed>	are Mouse or Veela in here?
<Reed>	hey model, whats up?
<Reed>	haha thanks Konstantine, maybe if I ever get my life back we can settle down sometime
<Reed>	hey roy
<Reed>	ugh, dont call me that
<Reed>	(even if it is kinda funny)
<Reed>	for you jennipowell, never
<Reed>	Hey Rose - how've you been?
<Reed>	just killing some time while Jonas gets directions
<Reed>	we're at a rest stop now
<Reed>	Sarah's grabbing some food and I'm just sorta keepin a lookout
<Reed>	Jenni - jonas isn't afraid of anything, EVEN asking for directions
<Reed>	crazy, right?
<Reed>	maybe next time Liv :)
<Reed>	shirley temples are hard to come by, bex
<Reed>	but if i find any more, i will make a video testament to their sweet glory
<Reed>	hey maddz
<Reed>	as soon as I can start vlogging some of my own stuff, definitely
<Reed>	haha
<Reed>	so has anyone heard from Maggie aside from Monday's post?
<Reed>	I really hope she can meet us
<Reed>	where do you guys think she might have gone?
<Reed>	haha, thanks bex
<Reed>	yeah
<Reed>	Jo - if she's in your basement I want proof!
<Reed>	royboy - good call
<Reed>	ill talk to jonas
<Reed>	see if he still has a list of those resistance safehouse places
<Reed>	she could be at one of those
<Reed>	though how HoN would know where they are, I'm not sure
<Reed>	ouch!
<Reed>	Chelsey!
<Reed>	careful!
<Reed>	:)
<Reed>	I've been sitting in a car for like seven hours straight
<Reed>	Jenni, why must you always be right!
<Reed>	trip's going well Rose, I mean, its still a little weird
<Reed>	still havent figured out how to explain all this to my parents
<Reed>	dont worry, bex, i wont
<Reed>	Jonas and Sarah are fine
<Reed>	getting along much better actually
<Reed>	i know chels
<Reed>	and the east coast aint gonna be much better
<Reed>	totally sept, if we get contact from her, we'll make sure any kind of meet up is safe
<Reed>	hahaha
<Reed>	dont worry konstantine, no bath tubs in sight
<Reed>	later Rose!
<Reed>	hey, there are hotel showers!
<Reed>	hey filthy
<Reed>	um, I'm not an expert on Jonas's shower habits, so...
<Reed>	sept - she's totally cool, Estelle and I have been good friends for a while now
<Reed>	thanks Liv!
<Reed>	X-Files is one of my favorite shows (at least, the first five seasons)
<Reed>	haha
<Reed>	crap
<Reed>	I gotta run guys
<Reed>	Jonas and Sarah are ready to split
<Reed>	thanks for chatting guys!
<Reed>	ill try to come back more often
<Reed>	later!!!