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Episode 46/3x010


Blogger Marla
Date Posted February 6th, 2008
Length 3:10
Description Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's been awhile. Here's the email I mention.


How are you today? To the point, a number of people in the forum would like to contact Dr. Arscott. Basically, we would like to establish a friendly dialog with someone that we know hardly anything about. We would love to ask some basic friendly questions to get the know the situation more, things like How did he know about the murder, did he know Maddison, why did he pick the topic for Clara, Does he know why Maddison was able to keep the camera that long, etc. It would not be accusatory, in fact, it would be quite friendly.

We would approach this as a friendly way to talk to him, that we are online friends of Maddison simply looking for answers to questions we have had. Even though some have suspected Arscott of maybe possibly being somewhat involved, in a good or bad way, our correspondence with him would not be accusatory. We want this to be as friendly as possible.

Marla, we would love for you to do this. You are the boots on the ground, after all, and it would be much better if you talk to him face to face, and get this kind of information.

It is 73 days and counting till the one year anniversary of Maddison and Adam's death. We would love for you to handle this Marla, but if not, we will proceed to send the letter and try to establish dialog ourselves. We think we need to know more about Arscott, and we have come to assume Clara will not help us. Also, there are suspicious that Clara may be more involved in this than she thinks she is, through no fault of her own. Marla, ever since you have gone down to Nach, you have also seemingly ignored us. Coming into the chat room once in a while to say "marlabutt" does not help. Its like a black hole down there in Nach.

We want to establish a dialog with Arscott, and we would like you to do it, with us of course giving you advice. We will try to establish it ourselves if you can't help us though. We want to do something about this matter, since Maddison's death anniversary is coming, and we still know nothing.

Because of schedules, it seems that Friday is the date people want to write the letter if we don't hear from you. Let me know, please.

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Marla Maya Kramer
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Berfweeks!! is the forty-sixth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the tenth video of chapter three.


Marla: So... So. So. (Sigh) So. So. So. So. So. So. (Sigh) So. So. (Laughs) Anyway, here's an idea: birthdays in weeks. This is the week I was born. My birthday was a couple days ago. Birthday. Birthday. It just sounds so limiting. I say we have birthweeks. That way, I get to celebrate seven days in a row. (chanting) It's my birthday. It's my birthday. It's my birthday. It's my birthday. It's my birthday. It's my- oh. It's Midnight? No more party and presents? (Pouts) okay. Nope! you can't contain me. This party's gonna last all week. Okay, I log into youtube and see that I've been tagged. You want to know five unknown facts about Marla. Where to start? One: I wear miss-matched socks. I'm pretty much obsessed with it actually. Every day I wear miss-matched socks. Two: I am very soon going to get a haircut, and it's going to be my favorite haircut. Three: Sometimes at night... I still suck my thumb. Shutup (Sucks her thumb). Four: I'm single. That's new. And Five: I can crack my nose. (cracks nose repeatedly) To relieve sinus pressure. Oh man, uh, so now I need to tag others. And I don't really know whose been tagged and who hasn't, so I'm just going to go ahead and tag Aja and Kellylen. Hey, I wanted to mention, I got your email about Dr. Arscott. Thanks. Seriously. Let me think about it. I'll get back to you. There's more to it than that, I mean, more to me answering that request. Okay, I'll talk to you guys soon. I'm going to go celebrate the last little bit of my birthday week. This week I deal with birthday celebrations, and next week I'll deal with problems. Soon.


  • Marla's note that she is single means that she presumably broke things off with Andrew.
  • The letter written to Marla that was copied into the description was written by Virginian9000 on behalf of the community.