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{{Unofficial blog
| name        = Beyond Myself
| number      = 0003
| image      = Lostgrl17 Beyond Myself.jpg
| caption    = I can go beyond myself?
| blogger    = Lostgrl17
| date        = May 04, 2007
| url        = {{youtube|b2uuClNmDdc}}
| description = I have some free time, so I thought I would make a video.
You can check out the website I'm talking about here: http://greatday.com/motivate/070426.html
| song        = "Out of Time (Part 1-2-3) by IceSun [http://ccmixter.org/media/files/IceSun/9623]
| tags        = {{tags|lg15|lonelygirl15|lostgrl17|liandra|li|religion|ralph|marston|alondra|join|the|hymn|of|one}}
| cast = {{FakeVidChar|lostgrl17{{!}}Li}}
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| PreviousB  = Yes, it's a REAL religion!
| NextB      = More about friends
'''Beyond Myself''' is the third video in the [[Lostgrl17]] video series, a component of [[The Flock|The Chosen Flock]] Video Series.
'''Li:''' "How far beyond yourself are you willing to think and act?  Have you ever done anything that will benefit the world... not tommorow... not next year... but a thousand years from now?"  That quote is from the motivational website I found the other day.  It really got me thinking.  I mean, I've been really down lately about the things I've had to do.  But then I read quotes like this, and I remember I may be needed for a higher purpose.  Will what I'm doing benefit the world in 1000 years?  I dunno.  But it is one step closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life.  The quote ends by saying: "What you can achieve alone is quite impressive.  Yet, what you can create by going beyond yourself can indeed fufill every dream."  I feel that with my religion.  I can truly go beyond myself and do something for a greater good.  Speaking of the religion, there's a girl on here named [[aaalondra|Alondra]] who was interested in joining the Hymn of One.  I think it's great that people want to join.  I even offered to sponsor her.  She never got back to me though.  I guess she's just busy. 
'''Text on Screen:''' The offer still stands Alondra :)
*This is the first time in the Flock series that Li mentions any of the other girls outside of Bree.
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