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*Ornithology by definition is "bird watching."
*Ornithology by definition is "the study of birds."
*Gavin may have a secret crush on Charlie, judging by his glances to her legs.
*Gavin may have a secret crush on Charlie, judging by his glances to her legs.

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Template:KMBlog Birdwatching is the twenty-fifth webisode in the KateModern video series.


(Various shots of women walking down the road)

Gavin: Ah yeah, all shapes, all sizes. (Cut to shot of Gavin talking to camera) Well, I never thought I'd get bored of this. My heart's just-it's not in it today, oop, hold on (turns the camera towards two women walking by) wow. (Back to Gavin) I thought I'd come out for a spot of lunch...just didn-didn't really feel like going back. I dont like being the office on my own. I wish Tariq was here...I didn't like seeing that video of him at Upton Park, I just, I-I thought he was being a bit hard on himself for something that probably wasn't even his fault anyway. And as for that Steve bloke (shakes his head and sighs). We haven't got time for any more of Kate and her 'modern madness' (Video turns black and white and Gavin puts on a faux-poh voice) Look at my art videos, pigeons aren't they great! (Shot of a pigeon) Ooh, he's done a little poo! (Colour returns and Gavin uses his normal voice) I need Tariq here now, the people I ended up borrowing our start up capital from...well they're not exactly Barclays and they're definitely not gonna take too kindly to the repayment setbacks. Oi oi.

(Turns camera toward Charlie).

Charlie: Are you stalking me??

Gavin: I didn't know you worked round here. Whats the matter?

Charlie: It's Kate.

Gavin: (Disdainful noise) You as well eh?

Charlie: Well I'm-I'm worried about her.

Gavin: Why, whats she done now?

Charlie: Well it's Steve.

Gavin: Ugh. (Pans the camera down to Charlie's legs)

Charlie: I mean, apparently he's found out that she was down in the Carnaby Street area when she went missing and now he wants to take her back down there.

Gavin: Sounds like bullocks to me.

Charlie: I mean-I just, I'm worried about her, I don't want her to go! (Camera pans down again)

Gavin: If you want, I can look into it for ya.

Charlie: You can?

Gavin: Yeah, I'm a-I'm a bit handy with the old internet and stuff, no promises but I'll see what I can find.

Charlie: That could be really cool....you're the best. (Gavin laughs modestly then kisses Charlie on the cheek) What are you doing here anyway?

Gavin: Ah well, I'm just brushing up on my ornithology.

Charlie: Ornithology?

Gavin: Yep...yea its er, it's my-it's my favourite hobby. You'll love it. Just-you just walk that way, I'll, ah, get a bit of practice. (Zooms in on Charlie's behind) Pow!


  • Ornithology by definition is "the study of birds."
  • Gavin may have a secret crush on Charlie, judging by his glances to her legs.