Bonjour Anne!

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Bonjour Anne!

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Blogger Frederic
Date Posted February 10th, 2008
Description Hi Anne, it's us! surfthetsu and littlecheckerbox... we've seen your vlogs, and here's our first one.... Thanks Ms. Tassy
YouTube Tags lonelyjewfifteen LG15 bree surfthetsu littlecheckerbox Anne Frank LJ15 French France Paris
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Frederic Suarès
Director(s) Frederic Suarès
Vidplay Frederic Suarès and Littlecheckerbox
Story Frederic Suarès
Editor(s) Frederic Suarès
Frederic Frederic Suarès
Dominic Littlecheckerbox
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Bonjour Anne! is the first video in the LonelyFrenchman15 component to the LonelyJew15 video series.


Frederic: Um.

Dominic: Hey.

Frederic: What up blogosphere?

Dominic: Are they- Are they- Can they [inaudible]

Frederic: Yes, yeah. We're on. I think. Um, sorry, we're not very good at the technology because we're about seventy years from you guys.

Dominic: Yeah.

Frederic: We're living in Anne's time. You know, your beloved Anne.

Dominic: However we have been, yeah we have been keeping up with Anne. Not talking to her but we've been watching her episodes.

Frederic: Yeah, um, so you're probably wondering how we acquired a webcam, and um, because we're seventy years behind all of you, and um, so... It’s an interesting story, why don’t you...?

Dominic: Sure. Um, so Miss Tassy came back and uh...

Frederic: Yeah, Miss Tassy came back in time.

Dominic: She gave us a computer and a webcam.

Frederic: And a wireless, new feature, a wireless internet, so that's how we're able to… um, what do you call it?

Dominic: Connect?

Frederic: Connect and… do something to videos. I think is... (Sigh)

Dominic: Vlog?

Frederic: Hm, Vlog? Yeah, I guess. Upload, whatever or something.

Dominic: Whatever you guys call it.

Frederic: Um, yeah. But- So yeah Miss Tassy, um, gave us this webcam, and she said "Do what you need to do, and watch LonelyJew15." And those were our only two hints. And, um, So we looked on, uh, YouTube, which is- and just because apparently it was our homepage. And um, and uh, We looked on YouTube and we searched "LonelyJew15" and there it was a series about-

Dominic: Crazy Frog.

Frederic: Huh?

Dominic: Well, yeah, I've been watching that. Anyway.

Frederic: It was about, um, Anne Frank, and um…

Dominic: How she's killing Nazis.

Frederic: Yeah, how she's killing Nazis and how she has a webcam and that we're not the only ones. First we just thought it was was just another girl vlogging like lonelygirl. There’s lonelygirl who vlogs and there's-

Dominic: LisaNova. Oh yeah, LisaNova.

Frederic: -Redearth and um, all that.

Dominic: LisaNova?

Frederic: Yeah, and um, but then we saw that she actually was from the 1940s, just like us, and that, um, she had also been given a webcam and computer and internet.

Dominic: Do you think it was by Miss Tassy?

Frederic: No, she got it from Jerry.

Dominic: Oh yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.

Frederic: And then, um, so that happened. And so we just got so interested in the series, and um (Jumps up) She teleported into the future! Oh my god. How did she do that?

Dominic: I wanna know how to do it!

Frederic: Well she obviously used Dr. Bethany but, um, the amazing thing is that’s probably what made us vlog. Just the fact that Anne’s in the future right now – Seventy years ahead of us.

Dominic: How can that be? Wait. I’m confused here.

Frederic: You’ll understand later. After this vlog actually you’ll see the video. But, um, so...

Dominic: Yeah.

Frederic: So we actually started so this is our first vlog, and um.

Dominic: So, wait, what are we going to be talking about on this vlog again?

Frederic: We are going to talk about- No, we already told people about our history – That we're seventy years behind them.

Dominic: And we’re-

Frederic: Miss Tassy gave us the webcam and computer and internet, and that, um, we've been following Anne's blogs and that we're very interested and that...that...

Dominic: Aren't we in any wars right now?

Frederic: Um, well, there's those Germans that are killing Jews.

Dominic: Oh. Good point.

Frederic: Um, anyways, I think we'll end this on a high note by saying, um...

Dominic: Oh, and we're in France.

Frederic: Yeah, well, we're in Paris.

Dominic: We're French in Paris.

Frederic: The romantic city but it's not very romantic at the moment. But we'll end this on a high note by saying, uh, we will make more of these vlogs. Um, it looks like this blogosphere thing... This whole thing is very-