Bonjour Canada!

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Episode EFC1
TSIY Pilot 9
Bonjour Canada!

Just throwing a little piece of Canada at you...

Blogger Erica
Date Posted January 15th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 5:41
Description You guys deserve to see some Canadian Snow!
Location(s) Niagara Falls
YouTube Tags pilot
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Erica Baker
Director(s) Erica Baker
Camera Erica Baker
Story Erica Baker
Editor(s) Erica Baker
Erica Erica Baker
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Bonjour Canada! is the ninth pilot submission for EQAL's first LG15: The Show Is Yours contest. The story was later adapted as a part of LG15: The Last.


(Footage of Tea heating up in the microwave. The alarm goes off, and Erica walks over and takes it out of the microwave. Cut to Erica sitting with her cat.)

Erica: YouTube world, meet Digger. (Close up of Digger.) Say hi Dig. Digger. (Points at camera) Look. It's YouTube. (Digger stares at Erica) Don't look at me, look at YouTube. (Digger sniffs the tea.) You can't drink my tea. (Digger turns around so only his bottom is on camera.) That's your butt. We want your face. (Cut to Digger sitting in Erica's lap.) Digger. Say hi. (Digger stares at Erica.) You don't know what to say? (Cut to Erica lying on her bed.) So I'm Seventeen. I live in Canada. (Cut to Erica sitting up.) And I'm trying to get into art school next year. (Holds up sketches, a camera, then a self-portrait, another picture, then the camera again.) I think the one common thread between everyone and YouTube is that Fred guy. Like, what's he on? (Holds up tea) I love tea. (Drinks) This tea is called blueberry bush. I used to be able to whistle.

(Whistles badly. Cut to black, then to Erica by the door.)

Erica: So, I'm going to do something that I never do. I can't whistle, and I really hate the cold, but I don't think you guys have seen Canada, and I think this is a good opportunity to go outside and show you guys some Canadian snow. (Cut to Erica in the snow.) YouTube, meet Canada! (Runs around and throws snow.) So I actually live in Niagara Falls, Canada and your first question is "Can you see the falls?". No, unfortunately you can't. There's a lot of hotels blocking the falls but I can tell you (points behind her) that it's in that direction. But I encourage you to come on up here and see the falls.

(Cut to Erica back inside with Digger.)

Erica: So its, its been about a week. I haven't- I haven't touched the footage. I- I really don;t know if I should post this on YouTube or not. It's my first video, and truth is, my best friend died about two years ago. Um, her parents said it was a car accident. She said she was going away on vacation. She just didn't come back. (Hold head in hands.) They told me the news, and ever since then, I've been in my bedroom. It's really hard, moving on, and I really don't know what happened to my best friend. Her name was Grace, and I really don't believe her parents. And I really feel like getting it off my chest. To you guys. I didn't even see a body. There wasn't even a funeral, like, isn't that weird? I haven't let my life go on. I miss Grace. (Holds head in hands and cries.)