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Brother (Also known as "10033" and "Sebastian") is Tachyon's partner. Brother feigns idiocy regularly, going as far as to claim he cannot find the "any key" on a keboard and doesn't know how to "right click" in order to keep The Order off him. He uses the guise of a surveyor from USA Today over the phone to figure out who is on Tachyon's side before speaking with them. "Brother is supposed to be the recipient of all of Tachyon's drops and they communicate through voicemail messages and puzzles.

Brother was previously located in London, for reasons unknown at this time, posing as "Sebastian" at a school. Gemma was also undercover at this school in order to get close to Brother.

On February 15, 2006, Gemma emailed "Sebastian" an apology for how she had behaved earlier in class. They had been friends for a few weeks before this letter, and she admits that she had become interested in him romantically. Whether her feelings were true or just part of her plan to get close to him, is unknown.

On August 6, 2006, warpylol posted the video "Add Poe Hinder Vilification" ("Location Verified, D in APHID") to alert OpAphid of Brother's exact location. Tachyon saw the video, figured it out, and arranged for Brother to escape. They planted a corpse on the explosion scene to make OpAphid believe "Sebastian" had been sufficiently dealt with.

Since then, he has been under a self-imposed house arrest; growing a beard and living like a shut-in. Brother did this so that The Order would not make the connection that he was the same person as "Sebastian" and had thwarted their attempt on his life.

On December 31, 2006, Brother was to assassinate Gemma for leading warpylol to him. Whether or not he was successful is still up in the air.

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