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Bukanator was the pseudonym of a Lonelygirl15 fan who posted comments to her vblogs on YouTube and ran the lonelygirl15.com website and forum as a fan site. He was played briefly by Grant Steinfeld.

The character of Bukantor was supposed to appear like a regular fan; however, when it was discovered this "fan site" was actually created a month before Bree started her vlogs, the Bukanator fan site quickly found itself at the eye of a storm of suspicion. To cover his tracks, the character of Bukanator claimed that Daniel had actually registered the website as a joke (reasons for this have been given as either because Daniel told Bree if she ever started blogging he bet she'd become famous and would need a fan site, or that Daniel registered the site because Bree bragged if she were to ever upload vblogs to youtube she'd become famous). While Daniel had registered lonelygirl15.com, but had no plan of using it, so the story went that Bukanator e-mailed him asking permission to make a fan site and Daniel handed the already registered one over to Bukanator.

Bukanator claimed to be a Web designer with an interest in photography. Under his watch, lonelygirl15.com remained almost completely stagnant. He would upload the videos, but with virtually no promotion of the site or its forum (which were silent) almost no one ever went to it. Finally a few core fans began talking at the forums and eventually a community was built up there, though none of this had anything to do with actions on Bukanator's part. In fact, he was widely criticized by the fans at the forum for being a poor moderator. They made many pleas for improvements to the site and especially the forum, and despite the occassional promise he'd do something about it, Bukanator never actually did anything. Frustration with his site eventually led a group of fans to create and move to an alternate fan site, The Children of Anchor Cove, and virtually all forum members joined it, leaving the official forum near silent once again.

The character of Bukanator continued to operate the board well after Steinfeld's exit from the project sometime in July 2006. It is unknown who was moderating at the board in his absence under the name, and it's hard to know which moderator shortcomings were Steinfeld's.