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Facility J 012
Catalyst (You Rang)

You can't lie about who you are on the internet??

Blogger TravelerJ19
Date Posted March 26th, 2007
Description Walter said that he may be incommunicado for awhile.

Attribution: Normaa - International Calling

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Catalyst (You Rang) is the twelfth video in the Facility J ARG series.


(A phone rings twice. Sound of receiver being picked up. A British voice answers.)

Walter: Hello?

Traveler J19: It was Walter calling. He wanted to meet me to talk about the project. He's not happy about the way things are going. Too much has been revealed. And there's been too little progress. They know where he is now. And he's afraid that they will get to the samples before he can finish disposing of them. I asked Walter why he gave out his full name online. He said, "It's the internet. You can't lie about who you are on the Internet." Our meeting was brief. He wants me to take over the project and make sure that they can't get to the samples. At the end of our meeting Walter showed me some more of the archives. And gave me more packages to destroy. It all seems more complicated now than I had ever imagined.

Morse code: -.-- -. .--. ---.. ...- -.-.


A small index of the forum discussions that this video led to.

Morse code discussion

  • The Morse code at the end of this video led players to a puzzle, discussed and solved in the LG15 forums.
  • The solution to the puzzle was summarized in the LG15 forums as well.

Other forum discussions

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Puzzle discussion