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| actor = [[Tara Rushton]]
| actor = [[Tara Rushton]]
| first = A Friendly Lie
| first = A Friendly Lie
| last = A Friendly Lie
| last = Who would live in a room like this?
| unseen = yes
| unseen = yes
| color = #ae2301}}
| color = #ae2301}}

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First Mention Last Mention
A Friendly Lie Who would live in a room like this?
Character information
Age Unknown
Bebo 4267425489
Portrayed by Tara Rushton

Charlie <Bebo:ChazOnToast> is Kate's best friend and roommate in the KateModern series. They share a flat in East London. Kate believes she is a bit mad, but she excuses this because Charlie introduced her to Vegemite.

Charlie grew up in the suburbs in Melbourne, Australia. While she was there, she dated a few guys whom she calls "boring mincers." Since moving to London, she has let her hair down a bit, and enjoys partying and dancing. Her favorite food is tomato sauce.


Follow this link for theories about Charlie.

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