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This page is about the Chrysplanet series, derived from the the possibility of a girl to replace Bree in the Ceremony. For a complete list of the possible girls, see List of New Girl Candidates.
Person information
Age 15
MySpace chrysandraplanet
YouTube Chrysplanet

Chrysplanet a.k.a. Chrysandra is a member of the Hymn of One who was chosen to do The Ceremony. Her parents are very strict and homeschool her, and as a result she doesn't have any friends and spends her free time drowning in boredom. To kill time, Chrys decides to begin video blogging, though she is frustrated that she has nothing to talk about. However, by the time she makes her second video, she has been told that she has been chosen for the Ceremony.

Her first few videos, however, mainly revolve around other topics, including children's books and celebrating Earth Day with her father. According to Chrys, her father is nice but extremely reserved, and ends up agreeing with his wife Miranda's choices regarding their daughter (though he persuades her to let Chrys listen to whatever music she wanted, citing that it was her free will.) Needless to say, Chrys is shocked upon discovering that her father cut off service to her cell phone ((216) 619-0953) and erased all of her contacts off of it. When Chrys confronts him, he tells her that "this Ceremony is the most important thing in your life right now, and I won't have you be distracted by going out and calling boys." To her dismay, he also takes away her bike and forbids her from leaving the house, and encourages her to study and prepare.

Days later, however, Chrys and her family find out that she has been rejected as a Ceremony candidate, though Chrys doesn't know why. Her father continues setting restrictions, however, and takes away her camera and cuts off the internet access (though unbeknownst to him, Chrys still has access via her neighbor's Wi-Fi signal). Around the same time, her mother leaves without saying why, and her father refuses to talk about it, only saying that she's okay.

A month passes, and Chrys posts a video explaining that she found a way to sneak out of her house (involving a screwdriver and jumping from a two-story window). Chrys establishes contact with other Ceremony Girls including lostgrl17 and flowersonmyhat, the later of which gives Chrys advice on what she should do. She also reveals that her father has left as well, leaving her alone and in control of the house. In order to pay the bills and for necessities like food and soap, Chrys gets a job at a nearby grocery store.

Chrys later mentions that a man in sunglasses (simular in appearance to a Watcher) stopped at the house to ask for directions, which at freaked her out at the time, though she later concludes that she met the president's bodyguard. Not long after, Chrys recieves a letter from her mother, who informs her that she is staying with her sister Sophia in England, and that she is sending someone to check on her, and eventually relocate her.

Her accounts have since been deleted, though her first video, The Boring Video!, can still be viewed here.