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The correct title of this article coleensblog. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

Coleen Victoria Easley
Tegan (written) Victoria Easley
Garrett (actor) Thaddeus Stoklasa
Garrett (written) Victoria Easley
Lori Jan Easley
eldervoice SoutSideHope
hymnofnone SouthSideHope
Production Crew
Writers Victoria Easley and SouthSideHope

coleensblog is a fan fiction spin-off of LG15, presented in the format of a Livejournal blog. It tells the story of a young woman named Coleen who befriends and attempts to rescue a trait positive girl named Tegan.


Book One: O God! can I not save one from the pitiless wave?

Coleen McCarthy graduates from college and decides to keep a Livejournal blog in order to stay in contact with her best friend and former roommate, Lori. When not taking pictures of cemeteries and lamenting that literature was a "useless major," she looks for a job. She finally finds one, causing her to move to Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City. Shortly after her move, Coleen discovers the LG15 videos and decides she has found her purpose--fighting the Order.

Coleen discovers a gravestone with the Hymn of One fermata symbol. It leads her to a Hymn of One youth group, where she and her friend Garrett go meet Tegan, who is being prepared for the Ceremony. Coleen gives her the website address for the Lonelygirl15 videos, which Tegan watches and learns the truth. Meanwhile, Coleen is contacted by an LJ user called eldervoice, who threatens her. She is also contacted by hymnofnone, another user who sends her to a drop at Worlds of Fun. At the drop, she receives a cell phone with two files on it and a key to an unknown lock.

In an attempt to scare Coleen into submission, the Order kills her friend Lori. Coleen and Tegan go to the funeral in St. Louis, and Tegan begins writing in the blog as well. Then, hymnofnone sends the girls a text message telling them to go Lambert Airfield. They find money and clothes, as well as the keys to a car. The girls travel across the country to avoid the watcher who they discover is following them. While on the road, Coleen gets another text message giving the coordinates for Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The girls meet with a member of the Hymn of None who begins administering the serum to Tegan. Unfortunately, the police stop them and arrest Coleen for kidnapping Tegan and forcing supposed drugs into her. They are taken back to Independence, where Coleen's name is cleared. Unfortunately, because of her extended and unannounced leave of absence, Coleen is fired from her job.

Tegan must receive a large dose of the serum by the end of the month in order to remain trait negative. Coleen gets a CD in the mail with a file telling her to go to Atchison, Kansas. She convinces Garrett to go with her, where they receive the serum and narrowly avoid getting caught by the Order. Tegan tells Coleen that the youth group is doing missionary work in nearby Blue Springs, and Coleen should meet her there. By now, Coleen has become discouraged and realizes that her only reason for fighting the Order was to give her something to do with her existence. She still meets Tegan in Blue Springs and successfully gives her the injection, only to get captured by a watcher and have to escape. Coleen goes on the run again and says on her blog that her readers may not hear from her again.

Book Two: What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!

Tegan returns to the blog and explains that her family has left the Hymn of One and moved to Lawrence, Kansas. She also expresses her concern for the still-missing Coleen. While in Lawrence, Tegan gets a job at McDonald's and celebrates her twenty-first birthday. She then begins receiving cryptic messages from an unknown e-mail address. These messages lead her and Garrett to Topeka, Kansas, where a male member of the hymnofnone delivers a code to her. The code explains that Coleen is attempting to rescue a trait positive girl in Lamoni, Iowa.

Soon after, Tegan discovers a Twitter account that someone (possibly Coleen) has started to contact other hymnofnone members and let them know her status. After a distress call on the Twitter page, Tegan and Garrett go to Lamoni to see if their friend is in trouble. At this time, Garrett starts writing in the blog as well.

After about a week, Tegan discovers a message on the Twitter account telling them to meet at one of the residence halls at Graceland University in Lamoni. Their contact does, in fact, end up being Coleen. Coleen explains that she has spent her time hiding in Minnesota, working with the hymnofnone to save trait positive girls. When they stop receiving the serum from Spencer due to him teaming up with Taylor and working in the field, Coleen decided to come to Lamoni on her own. The hymnofnone contacted Tegan and Garrett to help her.


Main Characters

  • Coleen McCarthy: Alias Anne. The main character and main writer during the first book of the series. A goth/punk college graduate looking for her place in the world. Originally from Odessa, Missouri, and moved to Independence. She is interested in the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. She implies that she is bisexual. Currently missing.
  • Tegan Carver: Alias Juliet; alias TPG171. The main writer during the second book. Originally from Independence and moved to Lawrence, Kansas. She was trait positive until she received the serum, and she will be trait negative until she is too old to do the ceremony. She has a crush on Reed.
  • hymnofnone: Actually multiple people using the same pseudonym and Livejournal. They contact Coleen and Tegan through e-mails, CDs, and the Superphone. One member, Robert Whitefield, gave Tegan some of the serum but was killed by the Order. An anonymous female gave Coleen the second dose to give to Tegan.

Supporting Characters

  • Lori Johnson: Coleen's former roommate and best friend from college. Lived in Florissant, Missouri. Killed by the Order.
  • Garrett: Alias Jim. Coleen's friend from high school who helps her find Tegan and retrieve the second dose of the serum. Lives in Odessa. He tends to be paranoid. Tegan implies that Garrett is in love with Coleen.
  • eldervoice: A Livejournal user who contacts Coleen and threatens her. He/she uses quotes from Poe to taunt Coleen.

Minor Characters

  • Coleen's parents: Her mother and step-father, Ken, who live in Odessa, Missouri. Coleen's mother is Catholic and encourages Coleen to go to mass.
  • Annabelle: Coleen's pet cat. Lives in Odessa with Coleen's parents.
  • Jessie: One of Coleen's friends from high school. Used to protest the demolision of historic buildings. Now wants Coleen to stay away from the Order. Lives in Odessa.
  • Jennifer Huffman: A trait positive girl who was killed by the Order and buried in Independence, Missouri.
  • Glenn Bartow: A Hymn of One youth group leader who organizes missionary work with high school and college students in Independence.
  • Caroline: Tegan's helper during her preparation for the Ceremony.
  • Tegan's parents: Tegan's mother was a Methodist and converted to the Hymn of One. They are no longer members of the Hymn and now live in Lawrence, Kansas.


The coleensblog universe is comprised of three Livejournal blogs:

While Coleen's posts are left at the default color, Tegan's posts are in green typeface. When IM chats are posted, Garrett is typed in blue. More recently, Garrett's posts in the blog have also been typed in blue.

During Book 2, Coleen's character also posts on a Twitter account (, written by Victoria Easley.

All of the photographs that are posted by Coleen were shot by Victoria Easley. The locations include Rolla, Missouri; Springfield, Missouri; Independence, Missouri; Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri; and Atchison, Kansas.


  • When coleensblog was originally introduced, many LG15 users thought that the blog was canon. This theory was debunked when Amanda Goodfried announced that the hymnofnone Livejournal was not official.
  • Coleen receives a cellphone from hymnofnone which allows her to receive text messages from the Hymn of None and put voice posts on her Livejournal. She refers to this phone as the "Superphone." This is a reference to Rose Tyler's phone in Doctor Who, which can call home no matter where (or when) she is.
  • Lori is depicted in one photograph by Jan Easley, the younger sister of creator Victoria Easley.
  • The titles of the two books of coleensblog are quotes from two Edgar Allen Poe poems: "A Dream Within a Dream" and "The Bells," respectively.
  • coleensblog has several posts that are based on the titles of LG15 videos, including "My first blog...human nature prevails..." (First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails), "My mom sucks!" (My Parents Suck... and My Parents Suck Too), "To hell with this job search!" (To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!)), "Hung Over" (Hung Over), and "Mysteries of Jennifer's past...revealed!" (Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED!)
  • Coleen became an active member on the Lonelygirl15 boards. In one post, she revealed that her middle name is Denise.
  • The blog references canon characters such as Bree, Jonas, Spencer, Reed, and Kate. It also references the non-canon character Maddison and promotes the pilot for LG15: The Misfits.