Daniel's July 21, 2016 Snapchat

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Episode Snapchat 002
Daniel's July 21, 2016 Snapchat

Another faceless entity sending encoded messages? Really?!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted July 21st, 2016
URL Facebook
Forum [12565 forum discussion]
Length 0:43
Description Probably not the reaction some of you want but it's all I've got...
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Daniel's July 21, 2016 Snapchat was created in response to the video I can't get away from lonelygirl15. It was subsequently posted to his Facebook account the same day.


Daniel: See this is exactly what I was talking about, this is exactly why I didn't w-... (Licks his lips) I need to trust my intuition and I never do.

I have zero control over everything that's happening right now and... my friend's involved now and I-... (Sighs and shakes his head)

And Mother? Like, I don't even know who Mother is! She knows who I am, apparently, an- but I don't know who she is. I don't know if I can trust her.

I can't keep taking these risks. We can't keep taking them, it's... it's not... Somebody's gonna get hurt.

I'm going dark for now. I don't know who to trust anymore and I've got work to do with Emma.