Date With P. Monkey

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Template:Blog3 Date With P. Monkey is the eighty-second video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(Bree is outside on a balcony.)

Bree: So, P. Monkey and I went to the movies today. Three times! I only paid for one film, though. Is that wrong? You get P. Monkey in a movie theater, and it's like he's never seen popcorn before. He doesn't usually eat it at home, but, at the theater, all bets are off. (The camera cuts to P. Monkey, who is wearing Bree's sunglasses and holding a small popcorn bag.) And he insists on extra fake butter. (The camera cuts back to Bree, who looks a little grossed out. The Tale Of Room by Ehren Starks plays as a montage of various exterior shots of the area around the movie theater are shown.) We saw The Guardian, Gridiron Gang, and... I don't remember -- I don't remember what the last one was called, but it was really long and it was about war. (Bree is wearing a hat and sunglasses.) I was afraid I was being followed, so I went in disguise. P. Monkey went in disguise too. (P. Monkey is shown wearing a white shirt with a black tie, and Bree's sunglasses. The sunglasses fall off his head. P. Monkey looks at the ground.) He never wears fur, and I really can't say that I blame him. (The camera passes several movie posters.)


  • There is so much videotaping of the movie theater that the whole goal of the video is probably to get fans involved in finding where Bree and Daniel are. Nikki Bower soon located the theater, though she didn't find anything plot-relevant.