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Dee sneaks into Bree's room while she's on the run.

Deemontreal is a Montreal-based singer called "DEE" whose songs have been featured in several TV series, including Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, and Punk'd. On November 29, 2006, DEE released a song with accompanying music video about the way lonelygirl blurred the lines of fiction and reality. According to a blog post on his MySpace, the video also ran on ABC's Nightline.

The Set

The music video was filmed in a remarkably accurate mock-up of Bree's bedroom, featuring a comforter similar to Bree's, the candelabra on a bookshelf beneath a picture of Aleister Crowley, the collage on her door, the Edward Hopper picture on her back wall, a cloth hanging in the corner and even a hot pink feather boa hanging from the lamp.

References to LG15

  • Dee wears a shirt that says "93," a number that holds great significance in the Thelemic religion.
  • He draws a Unicursal hexagram on a lemon, similar to the video House Arrest.
  • He has a hanging mobile of all the planets, just like Bree did in Poor Pluto.
  • Dee walks around the room talking on his phone, sitting against the bed in the same position as Bree in He Said, She Said.
  • Several books are displayed in the video including "Wicca and Witchcraft for Dummies" and a book by Aleister Crowley. Later in the video, Dee lights the candles in the Crowley shrine and worships before them.
  • Alcohol is given to a stuffed-bear that resembles Thor. A stuffed monkey and a stuffed green animal can be seen -- a reference to Purple Monkey and Owen.
  • The bass player in the video has a shirt that says "Is Cassie Watching?" a reference to the Cassieiswatching series which had floundered by early November.
  • The drummer in the video has a shirt that says "Thelema" in Greek letters.
  • Dee reads the same Rolling Stone magazine that Daniel read in Bree The Cookie Monster, he also flashes cards with the numbers 10, 12 and 06, just like Purple Monkey.
  • A bald man in sunglasses is featured prominently in the video. The man resembles either Immant or a Watcher.

In March 2007 the video was featured by YouTube. It has received in total over 850,000 views, making it the most popular lonelygirl15 fan video to date.

Lonelygirl Lyrics

What have you done
Lonely Girl
Yeah, I was fooled
Just like everyone
What have you done
Lonely Girl
We were all fooled
But we keep watching on

So much that we don't understand
Proving Science Wrong is just part of your plan
What's real?
Who's real?
And will you ever get that precious deal?


Millions are watching
Your instant hit
Thousands are living
Your fifteen minutes
And hundreds are bitchin'
You see the ratio's good
So you keep 'em comin'


'Cause it's a fine line
Such a fine line
That's a sign of our time
We manufacture reality
We're building this cult of celebrity


'Cause it's a fine line
Such a fine line
We manufacture reality
We're building this cult of celebrity

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