Do You Have "It"?

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Flock Video 0021
Do You Have "It"?

Are you ready for the challenge?

Blogger Chandra
Date Posted May 11th, 2007
Description I have a challenge for you all... are you up for it?
YouTube Tags challenge vlog alondra chosen flock lg15 lonelygirl15 bree daniel jonas new girl

Music "Airport Girl" by Ready to Jet
Chandra Credit Withheld
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Do You Have "It"? is the twenty-first video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Chandra: Alondra and I have been talking about all these friend requests we've been receiving lately, and I think we found a way to trim the fat. I mean, we could just accept everybody, but that's kinda the opposite of a clique. (She laughs evilly.) That's right, I said it, "clique". If you don't like the word, it's probably because you've never been a part of one. So to all of you viewers out there, answer these five questions in a video response.

(Music begins playing and the questions appear in white text on a black background.)

Question #1 True or False? According to’s latest newsletter bright, colorful sunglasses with big, chunky frames are set to be all the rage this summer.

Question #2 You see an A-list celebrity shoplifting. What do you do and why?

Question #3 You’re on your way home from a cruise and a friend calls you last minute to invite you to a luncheon being thrown by the mayor’s wife. It starts in 15 minutes and all you have to wear are the clothes in your suitcase. What do you wear?

Question #4 You’re invited to a premiere. What is your shoe of choice?

Question #5 What is the hottest video game out there right now?

(Music fades and Chandra reappears.)

That's it. Answer correctly and you're in. So if you think you have what "it" takes, prove it.

(Again, white text appears on a black screen.)

Good luck... xoxo, Chandra