Do the ceremony!

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Itscassie Video 0019
Do the ceremony!

Sign language? What does it mean?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted February 5th, 2007
Description Bree, forget everything I said before..
YouTube Tags itscassie
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Do the ceremony! is the nineteenth video in the itscassie video series. An apparently brainwashed Cassie urges Bree to do the Ceremony.


(Cassie appears with the OpAphid music. She's sitting in a chair in front of a white background. She smiles while she's talking.)

Cassie: Bree? I changed my mind. I want you to do the ceremony! The Order told me all about it and it sounds super fun! And I know they'll welcome Daniel with open arms. You need to do this. It will change your life! I know my life got a whole lot better when I listened to the Order. It's okay, you don't have to be scared anymore. I know this is what your dad wanted. You're so lucky to be picked for the ceremony. I wish I could do it.

(Fade to black. In a voiceover from Miss Me?, Daniel is heard saying "Come on. Just do the Ceremony. That's all you have to do.")

(Morse code for E, ., is flashed on the screen while the audio is playing.)


  • Cassie appears to be using sign language. in this video. At least one fan has claimed she is signing "H-E-L-P" and "Daniel" here.
  • At the end of the video, Cassie's eyes shift as if to look at someone off camera.
  • As the voiceover from Miss Me? is played, the morse code for E, ., is flashed on the screen.

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