Down In It (File 10/15)

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Episode 12/2x012
Down In It (File 10/15)

Can you get it done or not?

Blogger The Director
Date Posted November 23rd, 2008
Length 1:36
Description Thinking outside of the box.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office shadow elder
Linc Logan Rapp
Julie Unknown
Summer Unknown
Michael Unknown
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Down In It (File 10/15) is the twelfth video in the The Home Office video series.


(Summer Cam. The sound of a chainsaw or leaf blower is heard in the background.)

Linc: (Entering the room.) Alright. We're clear for now.

Julie: This is a shit hole.

Linc: Hey, Hey, Hey. This shit hole saved my life.

Julie: How'd you find this place anyway?

Linc: (Grunting in Pain) A friend of a friend. I did a thing back in the day and this was where I stayed.

Julie: And how'd that thing turn out?

Linc: Woke up with a bad hangover. (Cut to Julie Cam) Is Mike going to call us or what? (Michael's box appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.)

Michael: You rang?

Linc: Oh. Hey Michael.

Michael: I was talking with the higher-ups and they're not happy.

Linc: Oh, well, if they were, they wouldn;t be higher-ups.

Michael: This was supposed to be a clear-cut Op. Kill the elder and get out clean. Is this what you call clean?

Linc: Yeah, well, If you want clean call a housekeeper.

Michael: You think this is funny?

(Cut to Summer Cam)

Linc: Well Mike, I wouldn't call it sad. I got a bullet in my goddamn leg, and we're back to square one.

Michael: Can you make this happen? Yes or No.

Linc: It's getting done. The Peanut gallery and the Home Office want answers, you can quote me, tell them to fuck off.

Michael: I'll deal with you later.

(Michael's box cuts out. Cut to Julie Cam)

Linc: (Getting Up) Ah. Shit. Alright. So, we're screwed.

Julie: Your favorite.

Linc: Well, I work best with low expectations, but we need to draw this Elder out somehow. So... (Cut to Linc Cam) Ideas?

Summer: Make him come after us again.

Linc: How?

Julie: Get something he wants.

Linc: So we're talking something valuable.

Julie: Very.

Linc: Well, an Elder only wants one thing.

(Cut to Summer Cam)

Julie: No.

Linc: Yep.

Summer: I don't like where this is going.

Linc: Sorry. I don't see how we can avoid it. If we want to kill this Elder, we're going to have to get our hands on a trait positive girl.