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Dr. Calvin Hart
First Appearance Last Appearance
DANGEROUS DESERT Evil Drug Company Exposed!
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Sean Vincent Biggins

Videos with Dr. Calvin Hart

Dr. Calvin Hart is a life extention researcher who works with Verdus Pharmaceuticals. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Cornell, and as of October 2007, he had worked with the company for twenty-two years, encouraging the use of the nature based nutraceuticals, restorative hormones, and cutting edge pharmaceuticals created by Verdus.

In a press release from the company on October 19th, 2007, Verdus announced that Dr. Hart would be hosting a panel at the "This Life" medical conference being held in Pasadena. At the time of the release, he was invovled in Verdus's "Live Longer and Stronger" research group based in Los Angeles.

Strangely enough, Jonas sneaked his cell phone camera on a tour of the Lullaby Project camp, and photographed Dr. Hart in the birthing tent. Jonas was left to wonder why "some guy who's an expert on Life Extension [would] be in a pre-natal care center" (DANGEROUS DESERT, November 16th, 2007). After receiving information that it was Dr. Hart in the video, Jonas went to find him and after the doctor had packed his bags and left the lullaby camp, the two sat down and Jonas was [[Evil Drug Company Exposed!|told] about the trait positive girls who were having their blood dangerously altered, causing them to become sick and die early deaths.

Mysterious VHS Tapes

Jonas began receiving mysterious VHS tapes outside of his motel room in Mexico. On them, Dr. Hart was seen treating Gina in a gloomy-looking hospital. He ran a series of tests on her, but did not appear to do a very thorough job with his examination. His main objective seemed to be improving Gina's quality of breathing. Among other treatments, he gave her green pills, which improved the quality of her breathing slightly, but also caused diarrhea, chills, and vomiting.

He seemed to have a vested interest in continuing Gina's isolation in the hospital under his care, as he promised her a "big suprise" if she could "stick it out another month - until April 10th." In Shocking Discovery, Gina seemed to indicate that her suprise involved being allowed to sneak out of the hospital to a concert with Billy Joel and Elton John.

While he doesn't sing often, Gina heard Dr. Hart singing "Piano Man" by Billy Joel one day.

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