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| name        = Dr. Weirdo
| number      = 0056
| image      = KM0056KateSpecialist.jpg
| caption    = I am not an animal! I am a human being!
| blogger    = Charlie
| date        = September 11th, 2007
| url        = {{KM|67}}
| forumid    = 266
| length      = 03:42
| description = We finally met Dudley’s dad, but can we believe a word he says?
| location    =
| execprod = Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
| coexecprod = Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
| assocprod = Cristy Coors Beasley
| serprod = Pete Gibbons
| pm = Kelly Brett
| pa = Claire Finbow
| pr = Amy Barnes
| ipa = Jonathan Almond
| directors = Gavin Rowe
| headwriter = Luke Hyams
| vidplay = Luke Hyams
| story = Miles Beckett, Luke Hyams, and Hazel Grian
| editor = Sam Rowland and Yusuf Pirhasan
| prodserv = Sniffer Ltd.
| music supervisor =
| song        =
| cast        = {{VidChar|Charlie}}
{{VidChar|Dudley|Liam Reilly}}
{{VidChar|Dr. William Griffin|Gene Foad}}
| Previous    = Tell Kim I Love Her
| Next        = Super Kate
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| KM = yes
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the fifty-sixth webisode in the [[KateModern]] [[List of KateModern videos|video series]].
== Transcript ==
(''Kate, Charlie and Dudley are walking through the woods.'')
'''Charlie:''' Ow.
'''Dudley:''' Speed it up.
'''Kate:''' How much longer?
'''Charlie:''' Ow.
'''Kate:''' You alright, babe?
'''Charlie:''' Yep
'''Dudley:''' Can you hear something? Did you hear someone? Did you hear someone? Did you hear someone?
'''Charlie:''' Where the hell are we? I'd like to know where the hell I am right now!
'''Dudley:''' Can you please just keep your voice down?
'''Charlie:''' Are we lost?
'''Dudley:''' No, come on.
'''Charlie:''' At least there's two of us, if he tries anything we should be able to... all I need now is a stick man made of twigs... (''Charlie trips and falls.'')
'''Kate:''' Charlie?
(''Dr Griffin appears from trees wearing a hat and [[sunglasses]].'')
'''Dr Griffin:''' Let me help you. (''Approaching Charlie with his hands outstretched.'')
(''Charlie screams. Dudley helps her up.'')
'''Dudley:''' Come on, get up. Alright, let's get this over with, huh?
'''Charlie:''' Dr. Weirdo, I presume?
'''Dr. Griffin:''' Kate.
(''Cut to Kate talking with Dr. Griffin'')
'''Kate:''' That is no excuse for what you did to me!
'''Dr. Griffin:''' You must trust me. [[The Order]] are a very real and serious threat to yourself and to every man, woman and child on this planet. The fact that you have the trait positive blood and weren't abducted as a baby was an anomaly that I had to harness.
'''Kate:''' Anomaly? I am not a quantum phenomenon, I am a normal human being! You can't just go around drugging people on your own accord!
'''Dr. Griffin:''' I wanted to bring you here to show you and them (''indicates camera'') that I'm not the madman that I seem to be. So I thought that I would offer you an explanation as the right thing to do.
'''Kate:''' An explanation? You think this is an explanation? That is not good enough. I want an apology.
'''Dr. Griffin:''' Very well. I am so very sorry for any unpleasantness that I may have caused you. (''camera beeps'') And you must believe me that I could not - would not commit such crimes and I wouldn't give over my entire life in the pursuit of something even vaguely superfluous. The fight against the Order must go on. (''camera beeps again'')
'''Charlie:''' Kate, we're running out of battery.
'''Dr. Griffin:''' I'll be brief. My experiments with the trait positive girls showed that they had something more than the longevity that we believe provides the power for the Order ...
'''Kate:''' What more?
'''Dr. Griffin:''' I believe that the trait positive girls possess powerful abilities that when they are ...
'''Kate:''' What do you mean?!
'''Dudley:''' There's someone there, there's someone there. We have to go, we have to leave!
'''Charlie:''' Kate, quick, Kate!
'''Kate:''' What is his trying to say to me?
'''Charlie:''' Kate! We have to go!
'''Dr. Griffin:''' I didn't want it to end like this!
'''Charlie:''' (''running'') Go straight, go straight, run!
(''Camera beeps and goes dead'')
== Notes ==
* Charlie's line, "All I need now is a stickman made of twigs," is a reference to "The Blair Witch Project."
* When Charlie says "Dr. Weirdo I presume," it is a reference to the famous line "Dr. Livingston I presume."
* This video confirms that Kate, unlike [[Bree]] and [[Emma]], was not adopted by someone within the Hymn of One.
* Whatever power Kate should have was probably displayed by [[Emma]] in [[Shadow of Death]].

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