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The Elendi-Waffle Lonelistic Physics Research Institute (EWLPRI) was a fan fiction collaboration of a number of lonelygirl15 fans during the summer of 2007. The name is derived from its two "founders", Kenny Elendi, and Skunkwaffle. It was a comedic response to the state of lonelygirl15's plot near the end of season one.

"The purpose of EWLPRI is to research the physics behind the happenings in this our Breeniverse, and hopefully find explanations for the lack of plot therein."

"Our Staff"


  • Dr. Kenny Elendi - Research Director
  • Dr. Skunk Waffle - Co-Research Director
  • Dr. Hey Aja - Assistant Research Director/Official Hawtie
  • Dr. Marla Singer - Assistant Research Director/Official Hawtie
  • Dr. Trainer 101 - Assistant Research Director
  • Dr. Winter Mute - Director of Quantum Lonelistic Physics Research
  • Dr. Deagol - Director of Relativistic Lonelistic Physics Research
  • Dr. Giddeanx - Director of Theoretical Lonelistic Physics Research
  • Dr. Steve Medigod - Staff Biologist
  • Dr. Cup O. Noodles - Research Assistant
  • Dr. T.T.T. - Research Assistant
  • Dr. Lyrically Inclined - Research Assistant
  • Dr. Kelly Len - Dr. Kenny Elendi's Personal Research Assistant/Staff Chemist
  • Dr. K.R. Murr - Dr. Skunk Waffle's Personal Research Assistant

Other staff members

  • Ms. Ziola - Big-breasted Moron Receptionist
  • Mr. Cloud Ax – Public Relations Representative
  • Ms. Mayhem - Janitorial Servicewoman

"Current Theories"

As stated when this LGPedia was created: "Currently, our work is focusing on studying when and how the plot collapsed, and whether there was ever a plot to begin with. One prevailing theory is that the Breeniverse is like chocolate chip cookie dough; we all desire those delicious chocolately morsels, but we eat the semi-sweet, albeit much less satisfying dough filler in order to get to those chocolate chips, and as the cookie dough expands we find ourselves eating more and more of that “filler” and fewer and fewer of the plot morsels we so desire. Another theory is that there simply never was a plot.

Check out our Forum thread "Lonelistic Physics: Why there are no plot holes" for more theories: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11761&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 "

YouTube page

As break-throughs occur, we will release information via this YouTube account:


Please check it often as there may be an important break-through.

EWLPRI Fan Club Members

  • Onewen - "Official Stalker"
  • Luminous
  • colbertnationgirl
  • milowent