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| forum-posts =  
| forum-posts =  
| imeem      =  
| imeem      =  
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| actor      = [[Ashlyn Selich]]
| first      = [[Boo!]]
| first      = [[Boo!]]
| last        = [[Boo!]]
| last        = [[Boo!]]

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First Appearance Last Appearance
Boo! Boo!
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Ashlyn Selich

Videos with Estelle

Estelle is Reed's ex-girlfriend. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in her own apartment. He suggests visiting her in Motel Tryst. Sarah is continually jealous at the thought of visiting Reed's ex, and it makes her angry. In Secret Sauce, Reed remarks "Shoot, I gotta call Estelle," and Sarah gets jealous. When Sarah, Reed, and Jonas finally visit Estelle in Boo!, she and Sarah fight a lot and have different personalities.

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