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If you are new to FacilityJ, please read this article. Everything you need to get caught up is here. This should answer most of your questions. Happy playing!

What Is Facility J?

Facility J is an Alternate Reality Game. It made its first appearance on January 13th, 2007 on the site of a YouTube user named TravelerJ19. The videos TravelerJ19 released through YouTube consisted of archival scientific footage from the post World War II era. Their subject matter is genetic engineering.

The Story So Far

Facility J was a "new, state of the art government facility" established in the fall of 1951 by Robert A. Lovett|[1] - who had recently been appointed United States Secretary of Defense. World War II was over, and a new "Battle" was emerging. Lovett gathered The "greatest biological minds of our time" in a "project whose results were to rival even those of Oppenheimers group". The work was to be secret. Walter Dabrowski was in charge of "recording the results and sending the reels in bi-weekly". According to Walter "We had nothing but the best intentions. If we had only known then what we know now".

John Rockefeller Prentice was in charge of research at Facility J, and expected that success could be achieved within the decade. The new facility led to surprising advances in many fields, although no individual researcher seemed to understand the larger goals of the project.

According to a Facility J government propaganda video "The masterminds behind this great facility have absolute control. Progress is being made and research is leading the way. And in this research, the biological sciences continue to take their place in the ongoing pattern of achievement by advancing man's understanding of life itself." The work of "The Project" within the institution "Facility J" involved genetic engineering.

At some point, according to an "old family friend" who goes by TravelerJ19, Walter left his former employer on bad terms which resulted in him becoming a bit paranoid. We learn from Walter "There is an incident" at the facility. He poses the question "What happened to the J nineteen?". The "J nineteen", it appears are 19 vials of an undisclosed substance, possibly a genetically engineered chemical, that were produced, under Walter's management, at Facility J. According to Walter, "It took us decades, and we only produced 19 of the damn things". Evidently, the "incident" caused them somehow to end up in Walter's possession, and he becomes obsessed with "destroying" them.

According to TravelerJ19, Walter asked him to recruit a team of young people to assist in his mission to destroy the J19 samples. TravelerJ19 accomplished this by posting videos on YouTube and cryptic messages posted on his MySpace in which he coordinated drops for some of us to pick up, or sent to us, containing these vial samples which we were instructed to destroy. Later on he introduced us to Walter, and after proving ourselves trustworthy, we assist him directly.

After 6 vials are destroyed and two more are set to be delivered to one of the recruits (former OpAphid operative Ziola), Walter goes "incommunicado" and wants TravelerJ19 to take over the project and make sure "they" can't get to the samples. Walter is not happy about the way the project is going - too much has been revealed and too little progress has been made. "They" know where he is now, and he's afraid "they" will get to the samples before he finishes disposing of them. He shares more info from the archives with TravelerJ19 and gives him "more packages to destroy" but does not specify how many, or whether or not it is all of them.

New characters JayNineteen (Jay Vector) and FiliaScientis (Sandi Star) show up. Jay posts a video of J7 being destroyed, and sets up another drop through Sandi and we destroy J8.

However, he then took matters in a new direction by deciding to help Mary. Mary was a girl that Kris Cogan had brought from England after refusing to follow through with with orders to supress her from a secret enforcement-style organization identified as ROOT, who launched Operation Ossifrage to try and eliminate Kirs and Jay by hiring mercenary ZorinXL. Jay wanted to help Mary learn more about her father's work in bioscience research.

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