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Episode 0217/1x217

Ready, set, go. Let's all POWER SIT!

Blogger Bree
Date Posted June 21st, 2007
Forum [11646 forum discussion]
Length 2:01
Description What makes you happy?
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree hymn of one sing song inner peace happy order
Music "The Hymn" by Kevin Schlanser
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Carl Craig Coyne
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FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS is the two-hundred seventeenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS is the two hundred seventeenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(The Hymn of One music plays. Camera pans down past a tree in bloom. Bree and Carl sit in the sun.)

Carl: Do you follow your happiness?

Bree: (nods) My happiness is here.

Carl: Here?

Bree: (nods) Here with the Hymn of One, I have everything I need to be forever happy. I have friends, music... and family. Do you follow your happiness?

Carl: Hands.

Bree: (laughs) Hands?

Carl: By lending a hand, or hands, to those in need... I am forever happy. (faces camera) How do you follow your happiness?

Bree: Are you aware of the many ways to follow your happiness?

Carl: Tied, bound, no hope in sight. This is how I feel when I don't follow my happiness. I know you have recently reunited with your mother. Can you tell us how she adds to your happiness?

Bree: She's an amazing person. My mom has helped me find my song. Just having her near makes me really happy.

Carl: That's beautiful. Helping others, being with family and friends, singing our eternal song -- we all need happiness in our lives. How will you follow your happiness?

Bree: Being and existing are not enough. Are you prepared to follow your happiness?

Carl: Prepared. Ready... set, go. Do it. Follow your happiness. I'm hoping that your path to happiness will lead you to contact the Hymn of One. The Hymn of One sings your happiness. Sorry, what's that I hear? (Bree and Carl laugh and smile) That's the Hymn of One, singing for you to be happy.

Bree: Be happy. Follow your happiness. (cut to a screen shot of the Hymn of One website) The Hymn of One sings to you. Can you hear it? Contact the Hymn of One and soon, you, too, will follow your happiness. (pan out, fade to black)


What does Bree want us to be "aware" of?
  • Fans immediately noted that Bree seems to squint and wink often while discussing the Hymn of One. Most notably at the word "aware."
  • The title of this video is clearly a clue as to how to solve the puzzle within. All of the words that follow "Your Happiness" make the following message:
My Hands Are Tied She's Being Prepared I'm Sorry

This leads many to believe that, still, someone within the HoO is writing the script for Bree with intent to send a message to Daniel and Jonas. The identity of this person is still in question, perhaps it could be one of her parents. Fans speculated that it could have been Issac Gilman, but it was revealed in The Mistress that Isaac Gilman is dead.

  • The video marked the first reference to Bree's mother still alive and active in the Hymn of One in quite some time.
  • So far, all of the Hymn of One videos have taken place outside and the members are wearing white. This strengthens the cult-likeness of the HoO.
  • The word 'happiness' is stated 15 times within the video.