Field Trip

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Episode JUL3
Field Trip

I saw dead bodies, that was cool!

Blogger Jules
Date Posted April 22nd, 2007
Length 1:37
Description Today my parents took my sister and I on a field trip.
YouTube Tags callmejules24 julia field trip parents sister dead bodies annoying
Jules Shannon Solomon
Cameron Unknown
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Field Trip is the third video in the Callmejules24 video series.


(Jules is sitting in a chair at her desk)

Jules: Bon après-midi es marice. In other words, good afternoon, and hello my friends. Every weekend, my dad takes my little sister and I, Cameron, to some educational outing, that are usually extremely lame. But today, it was actually really fun. My dad took us to some Body Worlds exhibit. It had all these dead bodies with their skin taken off in different weird positions. There was a ballerina dancer, a soccer player catching a ball, and even a dead man on a dead horse. Cool, huh? The exhibit taught us all about arteries and muscle tissue and even how the digestive system works. You could see every vein and liver and even the intestines. It was so interesting, and even kinda scary to see how vulnerable the human body can really be.

Another good thing about this trip was I got to learn how to use my camera a little bit more. So I filmed my sister on the way. She can be so annoying.

(Cuts to a series of clips of a little girl riding in a car, presumably Jules's sister, Cameron.)

Cameron: Whatever. I had a bad day. We just passed McDonald's. We chewed today. Bones? Dead bones! (Giggles)

(Cuts back to Jules sitting at her desk)

Jules: The first part of the car ride was really fun. I got to use my camera a little more and be with my sister. But, my dad just couldn't let one car ride go without quizzing me on my languages and my studying. It makes me so frustrated to think that I can't just be a kid. Let's just say, there were a few French phrases I just wanted to tell my dad. Okay, well, I have to go 'cause my dad's making me write a long report on what I learned about the human body today. Adiós. (Waves)


  • She did not mention the fact that the LG15 community thinks that her parents are in the Order.
  • Body Worlds has three iterations and was only showing in three places on April 22 (Jules's MySpace page says that she lives in Texas):
    • Body Worlds I: Dallas, Texas (December 9, 2006 - May 28, 2007) - Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas
    • Body Worlds II: Chicago, Illinois (January 17, 2007 - April 29, 2007) - Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
    • Body Worlds III: Phoenix, Arizona (January 26, 2007 - May 28, 2007) - Arizona Science Center