Fleeing The Watcher

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Template:Blog3 Fleeing The Watcher is the seventy-eighth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(The camera is pointed at Daniel, who is lying down in bed. He turns the camera and points it at Bree, who is looking out the window.)

Daniel: What?

Bree: Come here. Look, it's the same guy.

(The camera is pointed through the space between the curtains. Off in the distance is a man in a black suit.)

Daniel: Oh, c'mon, he's smoking a cigarette.

Bree: He's been there all night.

Daniel: So he's a chain smoker.

(Bree and Daniel are beside a bed. Footsteps are heard.)

Bree: Is he looking in? What do we do?

(The camera begins moving rapidly. The camera is set down on it's side, on the bed.)

Daniel: Hurry up. Checks the drawers, check under the bed... Hold this, hold this, hold this!

(Daniel passes the camera to Bree. Sped-up footage of Bree and Daniel leaving the motel and getting into the car is seen. A helicopter in flight is seen. The camera then cuts to Daniel, asleep in the passenger seat.)

Bree: This morning, I kind of freaked out... (the camera is now aimed at Bree's head.) ...because I saw that guy and, you know, with all the information that Gemma had said and... I don't know, I guess I overreacted. And I made him drive out here into the middle of nowhere. (Bree sighs.) Better go wake up Daniel and... we need to find a new motel. Hopefully, we'll find somewhere to post this. Bye.