Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast



The Gold Coast is a city and local government area in the southeast corner of Queensland, Australia. It was the hometown of Jayde Cooper up until around October 2009, when she went into hiding upon discovering her trait positive status.

After Antonia discovers the identity of "Coopitquiet" to be Jayde, she tracks her down to a residence in The Gold Coast. She travels there by plane and, after taking in the sights, successfully locates Jayde's address. However, Jayde's roommate Damien tells her that he hasn't seen Jayde in six months, though he provides her with a letter addressed to Jayde detailing the new developments in her mother's cancer treatment. After spending a week in the Gold Coast, Antonia is able to catch a flight back to Sydney.

It was later revealed that Damien was actually the undercover alias of Xavier, the twin brother of Sibylla Weave, who was masterminding the hunt for The Lasties. Old footage posted by Xavier suggests that he and Jayde possibly had a romantic and/or sexual relationship, and he is shown parading about their apartment and pretending to take off his clothes on her birthday.

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