Grave Drawings

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Episode 528/3x118
Grave Drawings

I see dead people.

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted July 24th, 2008
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Length 1:51
Description We went to the tombs and found some weird drawings. I drew them as best I could...hopefully you can help us figure out what they mean.
Location(s) Zavalla cemetery
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast daniel jonastko jonas jennie sarah tombs cemetary order elders hymn of one
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Music "Stop Talking" by Hymns
Jonas Jackson Davis
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Grave Drawings is the five-hundred twenty-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred eighteenth video of season three.


Jonas: When we reached the tombs, it was after sunset. We were prepared to face whatever it is that we found whether that be Carruthers or Sarah's dad or- you know, God knows what else! But when we arrived there was no sign of them or anyone else for that matter. But we did find the tomb of someone you may recognize: William Porter. And we also found some candles burning near his tomb. And, well, this.

(Cut to the zooming out of a drawing of hieroglyphs)

Jonas: (Voice over) It looks like some kind of message drawn in the cement. I don't know. Jennie and Taylor are tryna figure out what it means but they could really (cut to Jonas) use your help. I mean, who knows? This could stop the ascension. I know I'm ready to give Porter and his fallen friends some company, do you know what I mean?

(Cut to footage of tombs in the cemetery)

Jonas: (Voice over) At least now we know why Zavalla was so important to The Order. It's a resting place, a burial ground for the fallen elders. It's creepy. And (cut to Jonas) from everything we've gathered it looks like Sarah's dad was a... watchman of sorts. He looked over the tombs. And as it turns out, he's been using his daughters as pawns this whole time. We watched a few more of those DVDs we found in his apartment. One of 'em laid out The Order's entire plan to, uh, to trap Bree. To- to plant Jules online so that Taylor would contact her former teammate. The setup was to get us out in the open on, uh, The Order's home field. That way they can grab Bree. And Sarah and Taylor, they didn't know what they were being made to do. Which made them look all the more trustworthy to us. And now the poor girls, they're racked with guilt. They think they're gonna lose their friends like- like we're not gonna trust them because of who their father is. That's just not true. Sarah and Taylor can't help who their family is. A-any more than I can help who mine is. We've been through too much together. They pledged to go against their family, against The Order. (Chuckles) For us. I mean, that means something to me. It means something to me.