Gregory Atkins (video)

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Episode 17/2x004
Gregory Atkins

Do you even know what you're doing?!

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 14th, 2007
Length 5:37
Description Interview with Maddison's Father
YouTube Tags maddison atkins gregory sfa senior thesis documentary
Clara April Rickman
Gregory Atkins Brad Maule
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Gregory Atkins is the seventeenth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fourth video of chapter two.


(Gregory is sitting in front of the camera, and we see Clara's hands with a microphone battery pack.)

Gregory: Uh, so tell me about yourself.

Clara: Uh, well... I'm a senior at SFA and uh... this is, like, the last thing I have to do before I graduate in August, that's if Arscott approves, (Clara attaches the mic to Gregory's shirt.) and hopefully... hopefully its almost done. I have a few more interviews, and then I'll be... I'll be getting it all together.

Gregory: Why did you choose this topic? Did you know Maddison, my daughter?

Clara: Um, no not really... I mean... yeah we had the same friends, but we really didn't hang out that much and um... I'm kind of much older than she is. So, uhh, I've seen her around on campus. But that's pretty much...

Gregory: But, so why did you choose this topic?

Clara: Um, I'm sorry Mr. Atkins but Dr. Arscott that kind of appointed this to me. He felt there wasn't enough coverage on, you know, the news or on campus so he figured he could give it to me. There's still enough time to catch that, you know, raw emotion.

Gregory: Well, ok, um... Ok, so lets get started.

Clara: Yeah ok, could you speak your name for me so I could get some audio.

Gregory: My name? . . . It's Gregory Atkins.

Clara: Good... All right, well... lets get started. How has the death of Maddison Atkins affected your family.

(Gregory stares off-camera (at Clara) incredulously)

Gregory: What?! What kind of question is that?! You, you actually need to talk to your advisor to find out how to ask questions about people.

Clara: I'm sorry. I really, really... I didn't mean to upset you, I'm just...

Gregory: No, Jesus, um. You know, I'm sorry. It's just I don't know what you are trying to do here. I don't think you do either. What do you want from me? Are you, do you want some sort of reaction, do you want to know that I am a destroyed person? I mean, do you want to know that, uh, that my wife is holding onto reality with just this (rubs forefinger and thumb together) much of her fingers? I mean, is that... I don't understand what you want from me here. Do you want to know about this killer? You want to know that, that two children are dead and that he's still alive because the prosecutors made some kind of deal with him without consulting the victim's families? I mean, I don't know what it is that you want. Do you want to know that I, that I... Do you want to know that I go to bed and I listen to my wife cry every night? Thats the way I go to sleep is I listen to her tears falling and with the damp of the pillow the coldness I feel. I don't know what you want from me.

(long pause.)

You know I don't think that I am ready for this. Um, it's not your fault. It's just, uh... I think we need to reschedule it, some other time. Um, actually, I brought these. (Gregory takes out keys and hands them off-camera (to Clara))

Clara: What are these?

Gregory: That's the keys to Maddison's apartment. Um, police really tore it up and my wife, she's... She goes over there and tries to clean it up. But I... I think its its a way you might get to know Maddison a little better, and uh, maybe there is some part of her left there, I don't know. But we'll reschedule, I'm sorry, I truly am. (He removes his microphone.) I didn't mean for any of this to happen. So uh, I'm going to take a walk, ok?