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| name        = HSAOnline
| number      = 1-01
| image      = HSAOnline (01) small.JPG
| caption    = What's this? A lack of capitalization?
| date        = October 3rd, 2006
| YTcode      = Hiwe_yPJx3s
| description = Where gifted young homeschoolers meet
| tags        = {{tags|hsa|lonelygirl15|homeschool|private}}
| Previous    =
| Next        = Training Video- Peer Interaction
'''HSAOnline''' is the first video put up by Ms. Kelly of [[The Homeschoolers Aggregate]].
(''Revolving planet, caption: homeschoolers aggregate'')
Where gifted, young minds congregate,
Find us online
We're waiting for you.
(''Revolving planet, no caption'')
Like most of Ms. Kelly's early videos, the words are communicated via text on colored screens rather than by sound.
On Revver, this video was titled Homeschoolers Aggregate and had the description "We're waiting for you."

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