Homeless or Jonas?

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HSAO Video 1-11
Homeless or Jonas?

Hsaovideoimage HomelessorJonas.jpg
All decisions should be this easy.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted December 2nd, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description Featuring:"The Answer" by SOS. Lessons from Bree: the current situation offers a lesson in making the right decision. Your peer, Bree, now has two options before her: Homeless or Jonas. Which would you choose, students?
YouTube Tags hsa mskelly lonelygirl15 lg15 decision
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Homeless or Jonas? is the eleventh video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(TiKO FOUNDATION sign appears)

Ms. Kelly: Funding provided by the TiKO Foundation and our generous sponsors (sign fades out and is replaced by: EDUCATION BEGINS AT HOME) who believe that education begins at home.

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Training Video)


My students seem drawn to continuing, self-inflicted saga of the girl who presented herself as Bree, Lonelygirl15.

My hope is that they are intrigued by watching the negative consequences of her disobedient actions.

On the lam
Sinking slowly into madness
Nowhere to turn

These things happen when one blatantly strays from intended path.
But this has been stated previously.

One of the current assignments for the class is to apply the use of technology to Bree's life:

Has it played a positive or negative role in her current situation?

Students answered with thoughtful consideration of the myriad affecting this troubled runaway.

However, students can still learn more from the travails of this young, defiant adolescent.

Currently, she has no financial resources, little personal support and substandard living conditions.

She has two choices:


This generous, giving young man is willing to provide her with safe harbor, financial support and personal comfort.

Some decisions are easy to make.

(A picture of Jonas is put on screen for two seconds)

And, hopefully, she has made the right choice.

Here's why:

Although he did not attend our program and was never formally home schooled, he did school himself in the art of video editing.

And although we support structure and feel that it is a shame that Jonas rejects structure,

we believe there is still time for this striking young man to embrace the neccesity of structure and order .

Furthermore, he is not ostentatious.

He shares willingly and kindly and has reached out into the world to try to rectify the situation of such a lonely girl.

Students, if Bree chooses to accept the generous support of Jonas, you should applaud her decision.

She will finally begin to take the first step in resolving the situation that resulted from her actions.

Remember, some choices should be very easy to make.

Would you choose:

sitting homeless in a park conversing with a puppet; wandering aimlessly as your world is spinning wildly out of control?

Or would you choose:

(Jonas's picture appears again)

the generous offering of a young man, born into privilege, and willing to share it?

There are many situations that present excellent life lessons, students.

When teachable moments present themselves, let's seize them and learn from them.

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Training Video)


All decisions should be this easy.

Consider your choices well.