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{{Unofficial blog
| name        = I Don't Have Wings
| number      = 0008
| image      = ChrysWings.jpg
| caption    = In fact, I can't fly.
| blogger    = Chrysandra
| date        = June 5, 2007
| url        = {{youtube|BMUKSk7pjjo}}
| description = I've been alone for so long. I stopped counting the days.
| song        =
| tags        = {{tags|i|don't|have|wings|chrys|chrysandra|planet|lonelygirl15|flock}}
| Previous    = Our Century
| Next        = Contact
'''I Don't Have Wings''' is the eighth video in the [[chrysplanet]] video series.
'''Chrys:''' You guys!  I'm... I'm out!  I'm outside after... after so long.  I can't even describe how amazing this feels.  There's trees and wind and no walls.  So I guess I should explain how this all happened.  I was going through my dad's dresser, trying to find a screwdriver, to bust open the pantry with, and instead I found a key.  The key actually went to my dad's study, which wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that in my dad's study, there's a door to our porch balcony, and that door was unlocked.  So I was out on the balcony, and I did something pretty stupid.  I just felt like I was so close.  I jumped.  I guess this would be a good time to tell you that in fact, I can't fly, and jumping off a two-story balcony really hurts.  But I was able to find a key that I keep under a fern next to my front door, so if I ever feel like going back inside again, I can!  Right now, I don't even wanna think about all that's happened or the weird stuff that's going on.  I just, I just want to talk to someone.  I'm so lonely.  So that's all for now.  I think I'm gonna go lie in the grass for another thirty minutes.  (''She laughs.'')  Bye guys.

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