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Template:Blog3 I Lied To Daniel is the fifty-seventh video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(the camera is in an extreme close-up of Bree, who is wearing a red wool cap)

Bree: Daniel and I just had a really long talk. Umm... I'm at his friend's house. He came and picked me up. I don't know, I just...I felt like I needed to, to get out for a little while. Daniel just told me everything that happened at the ceremony and... (Bree sighs) I don't know, it just...it isn't right. I know he said it before but I think that this time, I agree with him. I've asked Lucy a million questions and...she still hasn't given me any answers! (as she talks, Daniel can be seen walking around in the background. He appears to be packing.) These people in Daniel's videos... the ones that set up the fake ceremony... I don't even know their names! That scares me. I don't even think that my parents know exactly what's going on. I mean, my dad's been giving me these shots, and when I ask him what they are he says that they're good for me. I mean...I don't really think he even knows what they are.

(Bree is now filming Daniel as he packs)

Bree: So Daniel...

Daniel: Yes?

Bree: What have you been doing here?

Daniel: Nothing really.

Bree: Watch a lot of movies? Any good ones?

Daniel: Nah, not really.

Bree: I missed you.

(Daniel is a little caught off guard. He pauses and smiles.)

Daniel: Missed you too.

(Bree giggles happily. The camera goes back to the extreme close-up of Bree.)

Bree: I've just decided that I'm going to tell my parents everything. I'm going to tell them about the fake ceremony and how...Daniel was being photographed. I'll leave out the part where he broke into Lucy's apartment. And then I'm gonna tell them that... (she takes a deep breath) I don't wanna go through with it. Um... I hope they're not disappointed 'cause I know that they were really excited when...when I got chosen for the ceremony, but...you know...Daniel's right. It's too dangerous.