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Iris Network
Damieneyes Damien Montoya
Genocide Jennifer Thompson
Jdolorous Unknown
OmzigTheLemur Unknown
Riverstyxshow Unknown
Rockabilly Unknown
Sexhexy Unknown
Vlad Havok Unknown

The Iris Network is a mysterious organization seeking revenge upon the the Order. The organization, lead by Rockabilly, uses a series of video messages and puzzles to compute the ideas, orders, and events taking place in this universe with much interaction from all characters. The characters continuously develop their own distinguished plot twists, and ARG-like material. The Network Series also includes an associate organization called The Osiris Agency, a protection agency intertwined with The Hymn of One that is run by a young female recruit and seminar attendee known as Jennifer.


  • Damieneyes - Known to be a computer wiz and proverbial hacker. It appears that Damieneyes and Genocide have some sort of relationship. Damien eyes went inactive in late 2007 only to resurface with a video called A little Shade on June/15/2009
  • Genocide - Also known as Jennifer. Left on a retreat with the Hymn of One and found her eternal song. When she returned, she set up the Osiris Agency, a protection center for those being persecuted by unjust individuals and groups related to the Hymn of One religion.
  • Iris - Claims to need help and explains many dreams in which she is 'The Chosen One.'
  • Jdolorous - The voice of the Iris Network on the forums.
  • OmzigTheLemur
  • Riverstyxshow - Produces seemingly random cryptic videos; appears to have a friendship with both Damieneyes and Vlad Havok. Due to other posted videos it's speculated that riverstyxshow is a circus performer.
  • Rockabilly - Mysterious leader of The Iris Network; it has been suspected that he is a relative of the uncle and the boy who founded The Network.
  • Sexhexy - The Iris Network's second computer programmer and tracker.
  • Vlad Havok

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