It's Party Time - NBR Investigates

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NBR Episode NBR016
It's Party Time - NBR Investigates

Order! Order! Order!

Blogger Nikki Bower
Date Posted April 4th, 2007
Description I'm on the road, criss-crossing the country following leads on B, D, and J. They didn't post any videos for over a week and now they don't remember anything. Since I didn't have anything to investigate, I shot a pilot for the food network. What do you think?
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It's Party Time - NBR Investigates is the sixteenth video in the Nikki Bower video series. It was posted as a response to Jonas's video, Co-Ed Foosball


(Nikki is chopping some tomatoes in a kitchen. The camera pans from her hands to her face.)

Nikki: (Stops chopping and looks at camera.) Hello... and welcome to "cooking with class." I'm your host, Nikki Bower. So many of you know me from my detective work. But when I am not sleuthing, you will find me in the kitchen. Let me show you what we are cooking up today. We have something from our four basic food groups. (Camera pans down to Nikki's hand pointing at each food example laid out on a chopping board.) First of all, we have a tomato from our vegetable group. Some very fine-tasting crackers in our carbohydrate group. (Camera moves back to Nikki's face.) Some cheese, from our dairy group. And we cannot forget the most important food group of all: the beverage group. (Nikki grabs a wine bottle.) Right here. The beverage group. That's a meal. That's cooking with class.



  • Nikki mistakenly identifies a tomato as a vegetable. It is actually a fruit.