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| actor = [[Eddie Asher]]
| actor = [[Eddie Asher]]
| first = [[Me...Jack]]
| first = [[Me...Jack]]
| last = [[You Were Right]]
| last = [[In Over Our Heads]]
| blogs = [[:Category:Jack's blogs|List of Jack's blogs]]
| blogs = [[:Category:Jack's blogs|List of Jack's blogs]]
| color = #008080
| color = #008080

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First Appearance Last Appearance
Me...Jack In Over Our Heads
Character information
Age 17
MySpace watchyourjack
YouTube watchyourjack
Portrayed by Eddie Asher
List of Jack's blogs
Videos with Jack

Jack is a YouTube user who created his account on November 10 and posted his first video on November 19, 2007. As revealed first on LG15 Today on January 7, 2008, it has been discovered that he is viral marketing for the upcoming movie "Jumper."

Jack's History

Jack's troubles began when his brother was arrested and kicked out of the school they both attend. Jack soon attracted the attention of a bully, who took advantage of the absence of Jack's brother. As Jack is being beat up, he blacks out and winds up in his bedroom with no knowledge of anything in between. Jack attributes this to a belief that he may have teleported. However, he quickly dismisses the idea. For a second time, Jack is assaulted by the bully and ends up in his room up again. He then decides to experiment with "teleportation exercises" found on the website, whatweird.com. Jack has since shown control over his newfound abilities and gets a "rush" sensation whenever he uses them. Jack's next vlog indicated that he was being stalked.

Jack has struggled with the morality behind his powers, such as whether or not to bust his brother out of jail or not. He has decided that while there are no official rules, he will never break the law with his teleportation. Eventually a victim in his brothers robbery comes forward and Jack's stalker returns.

Canon discussion

Jack was suspected to have been introduced as an official character on LG15 in November 2007. While his first videos make no reference to LG15, his videos were accepted as responses to LG15 videos on YouTube. He soon happened upon whatweird.com and mentioned it in a vlog, which in turn acknowledged his "shout out."

On December 10, 2007, Daniel posted a bulletin on the LG15 account asking people to check on Jack's videos:

Daniel said:

Okay so, this guy Jack. What's up with this kid? I've been looking at his videos again.. because there is basically nothing for me to do here and I'm trying to focus on anything but my life right now. Anyways I watched his stuff over the weekend and as wacky as it all sounds, the kid seems so sincere. Not that I have great experience with seeing people for what they really are. I'm not going to even say her name. I'm not. Changing topic back to Jack if you haven't already seen his videos, you should definitely check him out.



In the past, canonhood has been obtained when a character has been directly addressed in a video by a main character, as was the case for Gemma, Jonas, and Taylor. Taylor officially addressed Jack in the video Watch Me Balance.

It has been confirmed by Greg Goodfried that Jack is official and that the LG15 team are behind the watchyourjack videos, but his videos are not required to follow the LG15 plot. It has not been confirmed whether or not he is actually an official character or if he is just a side project.

Jack appeared in person in Texas with Taylor in In Over Our Heads.