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Welcome Jennie fans! This is a club for those of us that think Jennie is the hottest thing since roasted marshmallows! Put your username on the member list to join!


  • JustAnotherLonelyGirl
  • HeatherAnneDear
  • Poor_Little_Rich_Boy
  • voyboy
  • Lala3434
  • Virginian9000
  • Malinbow
  • Sammisocute
  • Chippercat
  • justjeff
  • StrippedSmile
  • BitterArithmetic
  • poknish
  • New Voice of Reason
  • Beckimehn
  • Shawnslovingwife
  • Charles Phoenix
  • watching_watchers

Favorite Jennie Moments

Fan Art & Stuff!

~Add Fan Art, Fan Videos, or anything else you make in honor of Jennie here!~